Champagne is associated with style and class and the sparkling wine is considered to be among the most popular types of wine in general. However the overall image of drinking Champagne can be enhanced further by being served in quality glassware and stemware. Getting the glasses right can intensify the best characteristics of the wine, and crystal glasses in particular enhance the feelings of elegance and sophistication. Read on for tips on choosing the right glasses.

Design of Champagne Glass

The design of champagne glasses is distinct from other wine glasses, as they feature a taller and narrower bowl (referred to as a flute in champagne glasses) which is designed to highlight the richness of the champagne or sparkling wine and the complexities of the flavours. Having a smaller opening at the top allows the liquid to retain its carbonation longer. The shape also directs the champagne towards the tip of the tongue, maximising the flavour in doing so, and keeps it cooler for longer.

Brands Are Important

Brands are important to people when choosing many products, and crystal champagne glasses can be just the same and for the same reasons: quality, style, choice and so on. Start with a budget and investigate brands from there. They might even have matching decanters, so you can choose a set to meet your needs. Some of the big name specialists to check out include Chef & Sommelier, Luigi Bormioli, Libbey and Utopia.

Don’t Be Put Off by Price

Champagne is a quality product, so if you are serious about it, be prepared to buy another quality product in which to serve it, and don’t be daunted by the price. There are budget options out there, and there are many places to buy champagne glasses online that offer savings and discounted options.

Know What’s What

There are different shapes available when you buy champagne glasses online. Besides the flute described above, they can have more of a V shape or even a very wide shallow bowl known as a coupe. Think about the type of glass, what you’ll be serving, what it should be made of and any other features. Look out for classic flutes, crystal glasses and even stemless glasses.


What your glasses are made of will have an effect on the price, the weight and the quality. Soda glasses are perfect for everyday use and are generally at the lower end of the cost scale. They can come inbeautiful designs and lots of different colours. Crystal is heavier and is great for high-quality glasses, though expect the price to rise. For the ultimate in luxury, opt for lead crystal, which has a higher index of light refraction than other glass so it sparkles much more. It’s the heaviest and clearest of glassware.

Champagne is synonymous with celebrations and parties, so it’s an important part of a social gathering. For that reason, it’s worth taking some time and getting it right. Throw a memorable party at home or emulate a stylish bar and use your glasses to enhance the occasion.