When you face problems of roofing in Chicago or need professional guidance about roof maintenance, there are many roofing companies that you can approach.  The professionals of the roofing company can advice you about the best solution for your problem. While most problems have cost effective solutions, if it comes to roof replacement then you have to be ready to invest heavily.

Being in touch with the professionals will help you to acquire knowledge about roof maintenance and show you the way of proper maintenance that is necessary to ensure longevity of roofs.  Being educated, you can decide on your own whether it is time for replacing the roof or not.  Read on this article to know about the signs that indicate the end of life of roof.

5 Distinct Signs That Indicate It’s Time For Roof Replacement

Age of Roof and Material of Construction

Every roof has a defined life span that depends on the roofing material that has been used.  Any roofing in Chicago or any other place has to be replaced once it has completed its life span. Concrete roof and roofs made from slate or clay tile have the longest life that can go up to 50 years. Second to it is wood shingles that can last for 25 years.  The usual life of asphalt single roof varies between 15 to 20 years.

Problems within

Leaks on roofs are almost impossible to detect but it can make its presence felt in more ways than one. If you see light passing through the roof then perhaps you have little time to think about anything but replacing the roof because it shows that the roof has been damaged beyond repair. The leaking spots can be fixed provided it is minute in size and not many in number. Even if leaky spots cannot be detected but you find that the walls and ceiling are getting discolored spots, it shows that water or moisture has entered the place. Leaky roofs have to be replaced.

Inspect the Shingles

Check the shingles of roof periodically. If you cannot do it on your own, ask any company that deals in roofing in Chicago to do it.  If shingles go missing or are broken, get discolored and curl up then these are signs that age is telling on the roof. The extent of damage is best evaluated by professionals and experts who can guide you if replacing the roof is necessary.

How Even is the Roof Surface?

Roofs are supposed to have an even surface all through. If any indentation or dent is noticed on the surface it is a sign that water might have percolated inside the surface and rot has set in. Early detection can set the problem right by repairing but neglecting it can lead to roof replacement.

Granules in Gutters

If you find that granules are accumulating in gutters then be sure that the roof has reached the end of its life.  The granules are damaged roof elements that have worn out and collected in gutters, thereby weakening the roof that has now to be replaced.