5 Common Myths About Teachers

5 Common Myths About Teachers

Teachers have always been our solid foundation for education from as early as nursery until doctorate degree. However, the teaching profession is underrated, many find the teaching profession unattractive compared to other high-paying jobs. This article will tell you the five common myths about teachers.

Myth #1: Teachers Work Only Eight Hours a Day

Most people think that our teachers work for only eight hours on Mondays to Fridays. People think when the bell rings early in the morning, it’s the only time for teachers to start working. And when the bell rings after the last period, it’s the time for the teachers to go home and relax. Well, it’s definitely wrong. Most teachers arrive early in school to get ready for the classes or do some work that needs to be done in the classroom. After classes, they don’t just go to their houses and relax, they are busy with checking and grading academic papers that were submitted that day. Aside from this, they also make preparations for the next day. Then, the daily routine continues.

Myth #2: Teachers Fully Enjoy Summer Vacations

It is said that teachers have the entire summer to relax, have fun on the beach, or any other things that makes summer so great. People think that when there are no classes in summer, teachers also have lots of free time enjoying summer vacation. But, it isn’t like that at all. Teachers may have summer vacations, yes. But they are also obliged to report at school, to make preparations for the next academic year. Some of the teachers also attend workshops or seminars during summer just for to be ready. Some teachers even attend more seminars just to make sure that they can be fully prepared for the new challenges.

Myth #3: Teachers have Plenty of Free Time

Is it really true that teachers have lots of time in their hands? Are they really not so busy? Well, the answer is NO. If you think teachers don’t have so much work then you are wrong, it is the exact opposite. Time is what the most teachers hate. Teachers have a lot of work to do in school so even if they can’t finish it at school, they will just bring some at home to make things done. They are like any other professions. Being a teacher requires the ability to be multitasking. From teaching to counseling students, even answering calls from parents for concerns, while checking the papers, and making plans for tomorrow’s activities, this requires lots of time. Referring to myth number two, some of them can’t have their summer vacations because of the time they need to prepare for the next academic year.

Myth #4: The Only thing that Teachers do at School is Teaching

Teaching is the only job that teachers do. They are only focused on teaching and that’s just their only responsibility. This statement is also wrong. Did you know that the most of them not only act as teachers but also as counselors, psychiatrists, nutritionists, nurses, friends, hygienists, and our second parents? Yes, when a child or a student have problems at school, teachers are always there to talk to them on what must be done. If they found out that the child is being affected with the different kinds of problems they hear from their parents back home, teachers do contact the parents and let them know that their child is being affected and it can cause bad performance at school. So teachers do not only teach. They are great in multitasking.

Myth #5: Anyone Can Teach

Teaching is an easy job and anybody can teach. Yes, partly correct. Teaching is an ongoing process and you can incorporate your knowledge in the students regarding the change in society. It’s like right now we are more advanced in technology. So, teaching the students in old way is still fine but they lack the knowledge in keeping up to our modern world. Teachers do seminars or trainings for that.

So, these are just some of the myths that people usually thinks talking about teachers. So always do respect your teachers because they’re not different with the other professions that you like. Remember, there are no engineers, accountants, or any other professions that people likes if there are no teachers.

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