For various people, there are different tasks, and the best way to sort them out is the availability of a laptop. The market has end number of makers who offer quality laptops where one can expect best of the quality features in terms of software and hardware, but the products from Apple Inc. are much different. They are known for the best of the designs, operation and all the technical aspects that can offer a different using experience for the high-end users. MacBook is one of the prized possessions for people and love to flaunt their branded laptop. Apple has created a niche for itself which is hard to beat by others. Though Mac books are expensive, there is a chunk of people who invest in Mac book for the brand and status.

But just like any other gadget, the MacBook too faces some issues. In most of the cases, the issues are caused because of aging and the laptop gets sluggish. But before you plan to discard your Mac book, you might need to reconsider the decision as a lot of issues can be fixed easily.

Many of these issues can be fixed at home, and you don’t need to look for a MacBook computer repair shop. Here’s a look at five common Mac issues and how to fix them:

1. And Startup Issues

If the Mac doesn’t boot properly and you find a blank screen instead of the desktop, you need to try booting the Mac book in safe mode. In safe mode, the MacBook will boot with minimum drivers and software and will repair the directory issues which might be causing the startup issues.

Start the Mac followed by pressing and holding the shift key. Release the key when apple logo disappears, and your login screen appears.

2. Incompatible Login Items

When you start the Mac book, if you find a blue screen, it means that one of the startup items, i.e., the apps which start automatically when you start the Mac book, is not compatible with the Mac OS. You can identify the app causing trouble with little try and error. You can remove the login items one by one and restart your Mac book to see if the problem persists.

Go to system preferences- Users and groups- click login items above windows in the right- highlight an app and click “_” to remove the item and see if the problem exists.

3. Unresponsive App

By freezes, it doesn’t let you do anything, and you have to force quit. You can choose the force quit menu from apple icon located on the upper left corner by clicking command-option-escape. Select the app which is not responding and click the force quit option. You can choose multiple apps to force quit by holding command or shift key while selecting the apps.

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