Concrete not only assures durability but also is the main factor to sustain the beauty of the buildings, residents or commercial complex. It works best on patios, parking lots and basement.  Concrete adds a timeless appearance to a house. Concrete can be the best option to sustain the strength and longevity of your house. But, improper process and maintenance can diminish the quality and look of your house. Weather condition can also be the anther reason of damaged concrete.

We usually tend to overlook these problems occurring in the declined quality of the concrete. It becomes essential to  detect these problems in their early signs so that responding upon this can be easier and cost effective.

Generally, there are 5 Concrete problems we tend to ignore and the result becomes worst for your house’s appearance and strength of durability.

1.Spalling: Spalling is the sign of flake in the concrete which is starts parting away from the concrete. This outcome can hold many reasons such as poor concrete finishing, lack of curing, leakage an liquefying of the concrete. If the initially diagnosed area is untreated, it can spread all over the house. It is better to hire a concrete repair company as soon as possible.

2.Growing of tree roots: If you love to have plants in your house which is good. But, sometimes the rapid growth of roots of a tree can weaken the strength and sustainability of the concrete. Heat exposure is one of the reasons of growing roots. It can be cured by removing those concrete areas which have roots around them.

3.Fading colors of walls: There are several reasons behind fading a wall. Generally, the weather condition becomes the prime factor of discoloration of walls or it can be carelessness. The discoloration of walls is the sign that the concrete has leakage problem. This can be recovered by using a concrete cleaner or it is better to consult a team of professionals.

4.Cracks: The most common problem is cracking on concrete. Generally, there are many reasons of a cracked concrete like subgrade settlement, drying shrinkage and thermal contraction. They mostly occur in the adjacent to the foundation area. The another reason of cracked concrete is the carelessness during the foundation of concrete.

5.Blisters: They are usually tiny bubbles on the concrete area consisting of sealed surface. The blisters are of different sizes and shapes which also give an ugly look on your house. They can be usually found on the concrete floor area or basement area with exposed concrete.

The above problems are very critical and needs to be recovered on time in order to sustain the strength and durability of a beautiful house.