The capital of Portugal is one of the oldest cities in the world. On each of the streets and squares of Lisbon, you would definitely find something catching eye and fascinating you with its history and beauty. Visiting such old and beautiful cities, people are minded to see more, they do not usually feel like immuring themselves inside the hotel room. The below described Lisbon restaurants, are those, where you can sit outdoors, admiring the charm of the architecture around you.

Here is a useful piece of advice- first of all, it is better to hire a car in Lisbon and your stay in this ancient city would become much more comfortable.

Atira-te ao Rio

5 Best Restaurants In Lisbon To Enjoy Eating Outdoors

Location: Cais do Ginjal 69-70, Cacilhas, 2800-284 Almada

Opening hours: 11.00-23.00 (Sunday and Wednesday- 11.00-17.00)

‘Atira-te ao Rio’ restaurant is having an amazing view of Lisbon. Its location could be truly called ‘perfect’! It is situated at Pier Ginjal in Almada- the visitors feast their eyes on the impressively huge bridge. The restaurant faces the Sea, the Tagus River and the Atlantic.

The freshness of the products and their origin are especially highlighted in Atira-te ao Rio. The fish and the organic vegetables are both delivered to the restaurant each day. There you may taste excellent shrimps, sardines and wine. In this restaurant, mostly the Portuguese products are used. The special attention is paid to the quality of national seasonal cuisine.

Café Nicola

5 Best Restaurants In Lisbon To Enjoy Eating Outdoors

Location: Lisboa, Praça Dom Pedro IV (Rossio), 24-25

Opening hours: Sunday-Saturday- 8.00-24.00

On the western side of the Rossio square, an old looking cafe ‘Nicola’ is situated. It was founded in 1794. The cafe was one of the main places for the Lisbon literary and political key people gathering. ‘Café Nicola’ had been closed in 1834 by an order of the government, because of the frequent hassles between the police and the politically active visitors. Time had passed, and in 1929, the restaurant was opened for the second time. Nowadays ‘Cafe Nicola’ is very popular among tourists. There is a great atmosphere. It still retains some of its past in the facade, which is made in the Art Deco style. The tables in Nicola are always ready to be served. Wide range of dishes, tasty fish, excellent “bife à Nicola” (a traditional steak that is served ‘swimming’ in a thick sauce). You can also buy cherry liqueur ‘Ginja’, which is produced under the ‘Nicola’ brand. Their bica (short, strong black coffee) is as well very tasty. Always a good choice to eat, especially in the lunch or the dinnertime.

Café A Brasileira do Chiado

5 Best Restaurants In Lisbon To Enjoy Eating Outdoors

Location: Lisboa, Rua Garrett, 120

Opening hours: Sunday-Saturday- 8.00-2.00

This is one of the most famous cafes in Lisbon, which was opened in 1905. The pharmacist Adriano Telles, from the city of Porto, was the founder of this café. He decided to try himself as a restaurateur at the beginning of the XIX century and immigrated to Brazil. There he grew rich, returned to Portugal and opened four «A Brasileira» cafes – in Porto, Lisbon, Braga and in Coimbra.

The one in Lisbon is famous for the fact, that the intellectuals of the early XX century quite often picked this place for their rest. One of them was Fernando Pessoa (the poet), whose statue was installed directly in front of the café. This bronze statue is always surrounded by the tables with visitors.

The cafe is beautifully decorated in the Art Nouveau style. It is having many original features such as the beveled glass near the entrance and the beveled glass mirrors on the wall, which you will find in many bars and restaurants of that period.


5 Best Restaurants In Lisbon To Enjoy Eating Outdoors

Location: Calcada Nova de Sao Francisco 14 | Baixa Chiado

Opening hours: Monday-Thursday-11.00-00.00 Friday, Saturday- 11.00-1.00

A charming place on the Chiado square, near Garrett Street. It is offering quite low prices. There you may taste unusual wines and the biological meat. You may also come for just a cup of coffee or for a beer with you friends. When you are searching for the entrance of the Fabulas restaurant, you should attentively look through the terraces of bars and restaurants, to realize which door is the one you need. The hidden alcove of the restaurant draws attention mainly for its unique décor. This place is decorated with wood and warm colors, the lights are dim and on the inside, the walls of the restaurant are filled with photographs of great personalities, which are complementing the interior. The Fabulas is an intimate venue for the conversation and chatter. Here you would always relax and have good time.

O Caçador da Oliveira

5 Best Restaurants In Lisbon To Enjoy Eating Outdoors

Location: Rua da Oliveira ao Carmo 71 73

Opening hours: Monday-Sunday: 11.00-23.00

If you are searching for the traditional Lisbon restaurant, there is no doubt you should try ‘O Cacador da Oliveira’, located near the Largo do Carmo square and the famous fountain. This restaurant would please you with the excellent food, the slick and fast service and the alive atmosphere. The choice of fish and meat in the menu is quite wide. This small, but very nice restaurant is famous for its delicious grilled fish. The dishes may appear simple but the flavors are superb! The ingredients are perfectly matched; there would be no need in seasonings. The place is small and it could be occasionally missed, but you will not regret if you have chosen exactly this restaurant for your rest. It is buzzing with local chatter, which are adding to the atmosphere of your dinner in this cozy restaurant.