With a cryptocurrency debit card, you can now walk into a store, cafe or restaurant and pay with bitcoin. It’s yet another step towards wider crypto adoption, but where should you start?

A cryptocurrency debit card allows you to spend a digital currencies as easily as you’d pay with regular money.

A crypto debit card makes the exchange from crypto to fiat for you. So you can use it at shops, ATMs and online, even if the vendor doesn’t directly accept cryptocurrency.

Crypto debit cards will help attract more mainstream consumers to crypto and bolster confidence in day-to-day blockchain technologies.

But before you choose the best cryptocurrency debit cards, you need to figure out which type of card suits your needs and lifestyle in the crypto-sphere.

There are basically 4 types of cards:

  1. Physical crypto debit card – A plastic card you keep in your wallet, just like your normal credit card (may come with an up-front fee).
  2. Virtual debit card – Usually cheaper than a physical card and ideal for use online. A virtual card can’t be used to withdraw cash from an ATM, but may utilize an app, so you can still make payments at stores and restaurants.
  3. Pre-paid cards – Allows you to load your cryptocurrency onto it, which will then automatically convert your crypto into fiat currencies and vice versa. Just make sure you fully understand the choices of fiat currencies available on your chosen pre-paid card because they can vary from card to card.
  4. Non-pre-paid debit cards – These are usually linked to your online crypto wallet, which converts your bitcoin into fiat instantaneously when you make a purchase.

Cryptocurrency debit cards usually have some startup fees involved when obtaining a physical card. There may also be loading fees when you send your crypto to the card. This could be in the form of a percentage or a flat fee, so be sure to check out the type of loading fees for your chosen cryptocurrency debit cards.

Here is a list of the top cryptocurrency debit cards in 2019 so you can compare the features, costs and loading fees.

Coinbase Shift Card

As Coinbase has already cemented itself as an industry-leading crypto exchange, it only makes sense that a debit card from the company would be a very trusted and reliable option.

The Coinbase ‘Shift Card’ is one of the world’s most backed cryptocurrency debit cards available across 43 states in America. With regulatory approval, this card is extremely trustworthy, allowing you to spend your bitcoin at any establishment that accepts Visa.

Uulala Visa Card

Uulala is focused on empowering the underbanked Latin American community by helping them save money, control their finances across borders and build a blockchain based credit score. Uulala’s mission is focused on bringing the cash-based community into the formal economy through their fintech solution.

Uulala Visa Card delivers instant gratification and allows recipients to choose what they want: a virtual card available for immediate use or a physical card sent via first-class mail. Cards can be used in-store, online or added to mobile apps.

SpectroCoin Pre-Paid Card

SpectroCoin offers prepaid cards*, which can be used at any ATM around the globe and in shops as an ordinary payment card. Funds from SpectroCoin blockchain wallet will be loaded to your prepaid card instantly. Cards can be denominated in euros (EUR) or dollars (USD).

The card offers affordable loading fees of 1% and further charges on any purchase you make with the card. And although there are some cheaper card options out there, you can use the SpectroCoin card at any ATM around the world, which is a massive positive for the modern crypto user of today.

Uquid Crypto Card

As most cryptocurrency debit cards only convert bitcoin or just a small handful of other digital currencies, if you are looking for more altcoin conversion options, the Uquid crypto card is a dream come true.

Uquid has debit card options for 90 cryptocurrencies, which really is unique and a way to simplify the spending of your altcoin portfolio.

Wirex Visa Payment Card

If you are looking for a company that offers both physical and virtual cryptocurrency debit cards, Wirex is an inspired choice. One plus-factor is that the card is currently available for free delivery for a limited time.

The Wirex Visa Payment Card allows you to spend your crypto just like traditional money. You can instantly convert your crypto such as bitcoin, ripple, ethereum, and litecoin and use it anywhere that Visa is accepted such as in shops, restaurants, online and at ATMs.