Often when we talk about pilates, we find two different types of women. One, who are a die-hard lover of Pilates exercise and second, who have never tried it out before. Are you amongst the ones who still fall in the latter group? There are a lot of benefits that Pilates has to offer you; that will make you switch from the regular workout. Check out the benefits that Pilates has to offer you.

  • Amazing for your Abs:

Pilates is known as the powerhouse of all the exercises. Unlike any other exercise, it hits to the core. In fact, studies reveal that women completing the Pilates training of 36 weeks are observed to strengthen their muscles that are responsible for making six packs known as Rectus Abdominis. It also eliminated the imbalance in the muscles of the left and right side making them strong enough to get back to the correct posture.

  • Eases the back pain:

A strong and healthy core is equal to a strong back. This is the reason people suffering from chronic back pain are advised to go for a pilates training of four weeks. They experienced more relief in their back pain as compared to the ones who consulted specialists and general physicians. Researchers say, that stabilizing the core’s lumbar-pelvic portion reduced the level of stress and improved mobility.

  • Easy on the joints:

The controlled and slow movements of Pilates puts minimum pressure on the joints.  Make sure, while performing Pilates you use a pilates performer. The Pilates reformer has a padding that is ten times thick as the yoga mats. It helps in absorbing the pressure off from your knees and back.

  • Improves your focus:

The most important benefit of practicing Pilates is it helps in focusing on your body, breath and how they coordinate with each other. Managing your body movements and the breath together asks for a lot of concentration. This is one thing you cannot neglect while practicing Pilates. This simply means it will divert your mind from the work stress, bills, and all the issues that have been bothering you for one complete hour.

  • Improves your sports performance:

The moment you start focusing on the core, is the moment you realize that all the muscles of your body are connected to the core. A strong core helps you run faster; you can perform good yoga exercises and also improve your workout session.  When you practice a one-on-one Pilates exercise, you tend to learn more exercises and moves that improve your performance in the sport that you love.

Apart from all the benefits that Pilates has to offer you, there is one more that will make you go crazy over pilates, and that is increasing the brainpower. Ten weeks of Pilates training can increase the peak power of your brain that contributes to the neural activity. So now, when you know there is a lot that you can get from Pilates, you should try it once and give yourself the strength and focus you deserve.