Even though you are a laidback bridegroom that leaves most of the planning to your enthusiastic soon-to-be bride, it certainly is good to be ready for any circumstance that crop through to your wedding day.

Situation 1: Lost rings

Your very best man hurries to let you know that your ring-bearer has somehow were able to lose those all-important marriage rings! Your best gamble is to keep your cool, quietly advise your bride that you will make it up to her following the ceremony, and get your very best man to quickly borrow a wedding ring of any sort (a leaf diamond ring, if it involves that!) when the moment comes to ‘exchange rings’. After all, it’s the meaning behind it that counts!

Situation 2: More friends and guests than tables

Somehow, friends and family have helped bring along some extra friends without informing you! Quickly notify the hotel or restaurant’s banquet administrator and discuss whether it’s possible to include more tables when there is enough room. Leave the precise information on the seating set up to your very best man and the entourage.

Situation 3: Over-drinking

With such a celebratory spirits, it’s possible for you or your friends to get overly enthusiastic with alcoholic beverages. When guests commence to act a touch too boisterous, rather than directly getting close them, get a tactful groomsmen or bridesmaid to tactfully assist them out or keep these things quieted down.

Situation 4: Furious or annoyed bride

When things don’t work out as designed (for example, in conditions of decor or activities), your bride-to-be might feel disappointed at what might be the day she dreamt of for a long period. As the bridegroom, it is critical to be supportive and relaxed when confronted with any disappointment, or even anger. All it could take are small but thoughtful gestures – simply leave her a love notice, give her a hug when things get chaotic or reassure her that she appears stunning. In the end, a happy bride-to-be is a lovely bride!

Regardless of how dire the problem seems, stay peaceful and ensure that you as well as your bride continue steadily to enjoy yourselves no matter any wedding hiccups – bear in mind it’s your personal day!

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