4 Ways to Upgrade Your Photography Business in 2019

Whether photography is your side hustle or you’re striving to pursue your passion full time, this new year is an opportunity to revitalize your work. By focusing your energy and upgrading certain areas of your business, you can bring in more clients, improve your images, and boost revenue more than ever. However, with so many resources available to today’s photographers, it can be tricky to know what to focus on.

This simple guide will zoom in on a few key areas that can drastically improve your business in 2019. With a bit of extra work per week, you can put in the effort and see true results. To get the upgrade started, add the following ideas to your yearly to-do list.

Keep up your blog

If you have a photography website, you likely have a blog. However, do you post on it frequently? As with any form of online marketing, the key to successful blogging is consistency. By building a blog, planning posts, and keeping up with your content, you can make your business more visible online.

This increase in visibility happens for a few reasons. When it comes to SEO, a blog can help your website rank on multiple keywords. It can also create multiple entry points to your website from search engines and social media. The more you blog, the more you diversify your keywords and web traffic.

As for the human side of your business, blogging on your website gives you a voice and build relationships with your clients. This is especially true if you add a few snippets of real life to your blog as well. Eventually, relationships with clients will create return business and encourage new clients to hire you over someone else.

Offer mini sessions

Photographers can widen their client base by offering sessions at various price points. While you may make the bulk of your income off of seasonal work like weddings and senior portraits, mini sessions can be a valuable off-season addition to your offerings. Mini sessions are great options for families with kids or couples looking for an updated portrait. They generally run at around $100 and last no more than 30 minutes.

If you are not sure how to get started with mini sessions, try offering a Valentine’s Day special for couples or a special birthday package for families. These sessions can be at a set location or in the client’s home. As you experiment with different session ideas and options, you will find a product that appeals to your clients and brings in revenue.

Offer quality prints

When working with a photographer, a client might be looking for more than just the standard glossy prints. This is why it can be helpful to include more creatively printed products for your sessions. Canvas prints are a popular option for many photographers and their clients, as they are available in various sizes and finishes. You may also consider including photo books, specialty framed prints, and novelty items like mugs.

If you aren’t sure what your clients are looking for, don’t hesitate to ask. They can recommend certain products that may be popular. Just remember to charge accordingly, especially if you need to design a book or package a canvas print.

Improve your technique

As you work to upgrade your business this year, remember that the craft of photography is at the core of your work. It can be challenging to grow your business without improving your photography skills, so take the time to learn this year. Take an online class or local photography workshop. Find other photographers in your area and ask for feedback. Participate in a photography challenge to test your creativity. Remember that the more you use your camera, the more skilled you will become.

By taking the above steps to boost your business this year, you can build stronger client relations, bring in more revenue, and become a better photographer. As you make business strides, just remember to have fun and enjoy the process. This hard work and joy will show in your final products.

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