Gyms have many positive attributes, such an assortment of classes and equipment, and free showers. However, gym intimidation, high prices, and not enough variety can make gym life unpleasant.

The gym is not for everyone, but everyone needs to work out to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle. So what do you do when you want to stay fit, but you don’t want to go to the gym? Try out a few of our suggestions.

Work Out Videos

YouTube offers nearly unlimited amounts of 5 to 30 minute free workout videos. Watch these videos to get a similar experience as you do when you attend a fitness class.

Sign up for free workout websites, such as Fitness Blender, to find even more exercise video content. These sites have enough material to keep you active all year, while allowing you to try out a new exercise style weekly.

Join a Team

Many community sport’s teams desperately need new members. Find out all your options by conducting a little research. Playing with a team makes you more active and strengthen some core life skills, such as team work, leadership, and determination.

Take Classes

Maybe you do not like the mundane nature of sticking to the same gym routine. If so, try taking classes instead. You can sign up for a specific class at your local gym, or just buy a Class Pass that allows you to take different fitness classes every month.

In addition, Groupon lists discounted classes on its site. You can take everything from Yoga to Crossfit using one of Groupon’s exclusive deals.

Increase your Housework

People can burn many calories just by doing chores around the house. Instead of letting house tasks pile up, do them every day, and then add some extra ones just to increase your chore intensity. For example, take an hour a day to clean a neglected room, such as an attic or basement.

You can also increase your activity by taking care of the little ones in your life. Go bike riding with your children. Walk your dog ten minutes longer each day. Help your daughter build a tree house.

Living an active lifestyle does not have to start and end at the gym. Evaluate your own personal exercising style and find something you love to do daily. Find a way to fit exercising into your life anyway possible. Your body and mind will thank you.