If you are the victim of a car collision, the chances are high you may have been injured. The costs to recover from this tragic situation can be astronomical. In some cases, the driver at fault may refuse to take responsibility for the accident, and you may be required to take legal action. If so, knowing ways to help prove your case during the discovery stage may be extremely beneficial.

Written Interrogatories

You may be required to answer a series of 25 questions, referred to as written interrogatories and necessary for providing the details of the case.  It is important to provide only accurate responses, because your answers may be used in a court of law, if your case proceeds to this level.

The Deposition

One of the most nerve-wracking parts of the discovery stage for most people is the deposition. This is when you will meet with the opposing party’s attorney and respond to any questions you are asked.

You will be sworn in under oath to ensure you provide only truthful statements. It is critical to your case to have your attorney present with you during the deposition. Additionally, keep in mind there will be a court reporter present who transcribe every comment that is made at this meeting.

Request for Admission Statements

In an attempt to shorten the length of time a case takes in court, it may be necessary to you to either admit or deny certain statements. This will get help to get to the most important parts of the case right away and eliminate any untrue comments that shouldn’t be included if a case goes in front of a jury trial.

Request for Production Documents

The time to provide the necessary amount of evidence regarding your financial losses is during the request for production documents. You should provide copies or receipts of your medical bills that were a result of the accident. This should include all of your medical expenses including physical therapy if this was required.

Additionally, this is the time to turn in the estimate you received from the auto body shop stating what it will cost to repair or replace your vehicle. Don’t neglect to ask for reimbursement for any other expenses, such as having your car towed or your costs to and from your medical appointments.

By having written evidence of your financial losses in place, this can help you strengthen your case during the discovery stage.

Receiving the compensation you deserve for all of your losses because of the accident may affect the rest of your life. It is important to consult with an attorney who can guide you through the legal process of what is required to help you.