Many of us are worried about finding a perfect guide for outdoor trips. These activities are supposed to be about making memories, sharing experiences and having fun. Unfortunately, many of us could only allocate little money and time for this kind of activity. What if the guide isn’t experienced enough in the wilderness and what if the equipments are poorly maintained and unsafe? Here are things we should consider before embarking on a great outdoor adventure:

1. Establish proper Baseline

We should know who will participate in this outdoor adventure. What are the expectations of each participant and whether their objectives really mesh? We need to decide about things to do and the group should know how to determine their goals. There are essential things to consider, such as the quantity of water and making a list of things to carry. We shouldn’t insist on having bungee jump, if a few people in the group have fear of height.

2. Communicate properly with One another

Once we have set proper baseline for the journey, we need to make sure that the group is envisioning the same thing. As an example, if most of the people already settle on rafting trip; it is not really helpful if Jane is imagining a lazy drift down the river with cold drink in her hand, while Jack wants to get wild current so he can be thrown around inside the raft while tempting death. We should also need to narrow down the location of the trip and this is only one of so many decisions that we need to do. Sometimes it is necessary to get really specific about details of our trip. Parents should also be aware that the journey is good for the kids; we don’t want our children to be there when adults are expecting to perform more extreme activities as a group.

3. Perform researches

With the help of the Internet, there should be no more secret. We could search the web to get reviews about our destinations. Pictures can definitely say more than a thousand of words and online researches could actually help us define places that we should visit. Just by doing simple research on Google, we won’t overlook anything.

4. Call Guide Services

There are usually multiple guide services near our destination areas and they could guide us ugh our journey. We deserve the best experience possible for our time and money. Often, with the first call, we could get a good feel for the guide service. We could start by feeling how the answer our phone. Do they seem to care about us as their potential clients? If they seem less interested, it is a good idea to check other guide services and see how they respond to our requests. We should ask about available options that they may offer and best prices for their service. Sometimes, they could charge a higher fee if we have more people in our group. This is acceptable because good guides have the responsibility to ensure the well-being of each participant.