There are many different types of businesses out there. Some require more than just normal business hours when it comes to the services that they offer the public. Here are four different types of businesses that may need to utilize a call center for their customers.

Roadside Assistance

People need to get around at all hours of the day. This means that cars can breakdown at all hours of the day. Emergency roadside assistance is there to help those customers when breakdowns and accidents occur. While it may not make sense to pay for an in-house employee to answer the phone, it can make financial sense to hire a call center for those after-hours calls.

Medical Offices

The medical industry is one that requires around the clock care. While there is always the emergency room for specific injuries, not all conditions require emergency care. Some conditions can be easily handled by family physicians. Having a medical answering service available to answer those after-hours calls is a must for patient care. Medical offices that offer this type of care will find that many patients will utilize their services for the convenience of having that after-hours line of contact.


While no one really wants to think about a pipe bursting in the early hours of the morning, it happens. When it does, having a call center there to answer your client’s phone calls is a great asset. It pays to have someone available to grab the line and answer in a pleasant tone to get the information that you need. It’s difficult to remember to be pleasant and get the right information when you’re woken out of your deep sleep suddenly by a ringing phone.

Legal Services

Unfortunately, not all legal problems are handled during the waking hours of the day. Clients can find themselves in deep waters during your off-hours. Having a call center can be a great buffer that can allow you to get information about your clients during those off-hours and delegate how to handle their situation.

Utilizing a call center can be beneficial for businesses who have the potential for over-night calls as well as those who find it more financially feasible than paying full-time employees to do so. The above are four industries where having a call center can be especially helpful during those off-hours. There are many more businesses out there which can benefit from having a call center available for their incoming calls.