Everyone loves a good love story.  The idea of getting together with someone across borders is a romantic idea.  From the adventure of falling for someone with a different culture, to the thrill of not knowing what’s going to happen the next minute, long-distance love is undoubtedly a charming idea.

It’s important to know that this kind of love story also comes with challenges.  To have the best experience possible and hopefully live a long and happy life together, follow these tips for maintaining a long distance relationship.

4 Tips For Long Distance Love

Anticipate Immigration Challenges

Depending on where your new flame is from there may be a considerable amount of challenges when it comes to immigration.  While some countries are less complicated than others, it’s beneficial to assume that it will be lengthy.

You should make sure that you follow the rules to the T when it comes to immigration laws.   The last thing you want is for you or the love of your life to go to jail for overstaying a visa.

Make sure that you do your homework as far as finding out what sort of paperwork you need.   Usually, the information is very straightforward online, or you can always inquire at the embassy.

It’s best to plan ahead and educate yourself as much as possible to avoid last minute scrambling or stress. You may want to consider hiring an immigration lawyer so that you know the job gets done correctly.

Get an Unlimited Calling Plan

If you plan on falling in love with someone who lives in another part of the world you should anticipate a lot of talking on the phone.   Rather than opening up your phone bill and seeing that you’ve been charged $600, you should get an unlimited calling plan.   This way you can talk as long as you want with your honey without having to worry about extra charges.   You should also look into unlimited data since many of your calls will be video chats.

Make Your Conversations Count

It’s important to make sure that when you do talk on the phone, your conversations are meaningful and full of sentimental exchange.  Since you aren’t able to physically spend time together these talks on the phone are incredibly essential to remain feeling close to each other.  Small talk will eventually start to create a distance between the two of you, so try to be open and make time for real phone calls, opting for quality over quantity.

Plan Your Visits Ahead

Sometimes it can be depressing not knowing the next time you’ll see your loved one.   Make sure that you plan your visit far in advance so that you both have something to look forward to.  Otherwise,  you can start to feel desperate and hopeless as if there is no end goal.

Long distance love is entirely possible with perseverance and an open heart.