Bad breath is one of the common oral problems that might be difficult to avoid. A number of things are responsible for bad breath. Poor oral health can emit foul smell from your mouth. Harmful bacteria present in your mouth might dissolve with food particles and release bad smell. Food stuck between the teeth is decomposed by bacteria that may lead to unpleasant smell. Some kinds of gum diseases may lead to bad breath. Sometimes, it may occur due to prolonged illness or certain medicines. A lot of people in the world are suffering from bad breath due to bad oral health. As such, the demand for well-trained dentists is at its peak. There are some best dental clinics in kolkata where the dentists take care of people who face the problem of bad breath and foul smell from the mouth.

4 Things To Know For Overcoming Bad Breath

Are you amongst those individuals who try to manage the problem of bad breath? If yes, read on this quick guide to know how you can overcome it.

  1. Take the right food

Food and beverages like tea, coffee, heavily spiced food, onions, dishes with lots of garlic and spicy cheeses can cause bad breath. Specifically strong odour from some kind of foods can enter your bloodstream since the body is digesting those foods. You might have bad breath after consuming these foods. To reduce the probability of generating bad smell from food, brush and floss every time you eat or drink something. If you suffer from tooth pain, bad breath or cavities, contact best dentist in kolkata.

  1. Poor oral health

A comprehensive oral routine should be a part of your daily activities. If you don’t brush and floss your molars regularly, you are likely to get bad breath. Food particles stuck into the teeth may cause harmful bacteria which, in turn, may lead to bad smell and tooth decay.

  1. Dry mouth

People with dry mouth are prone to suffer from bad breath. If the production of saliva decreases, it can prevent natural cleaning process of the mouth. Some other reasons of dry mouth are certain medicines, some health problems and aging. If you suffer from dry mouth and bad smell, contact best dentists in kolkata and get effective remedies.

  1. Smoking

You may develop bad smell in your mouth due to smoking. Usually, the smokers take some breath mints after a cigarette. You can cleanse your teeth with a mouthwash though it is not the permanent solution of your problem. Say no to cigarettes to eliminate bad smell and improve your overall hygiene. If you notice enamel erosion and tooth decay, make an appointment with well-qualified dentists in the best dental clinic in kolkata.

Talk to your dentist if you still have bad odour from mouth even after making changes to boost up your dental health. Discuss thoroughly about your problem as it will enable you to know the exact cause of bad breath.

No doubt, these suggestions will improve your oral hygiene but it is recommended to visit a dental expert at the earliest if bad breath still persists.

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