New house owners and renovators have a key choice to make when it comes to uPVC door styles. And many of them need doors that are chic and sleek with glass running down their length. In other words, a French door!

4 Reasons Why You Need French Doors For Your House

With its sleek finish, it can lift any space. It is a whole new décor dimension, but there’s much more to a French door with its high utilitarian quotient. Here are key reasons why it should be on top of your wish list:


French doors come with high-grade security glass designed to withstand impact. Frames are usually made of aluminium, steel and wood, and are a sturdy base for the door. French doors combine the visual aesthetics of glass with extreme durability and high tensile strength. If you are planning to re-model, or build a new house, count on French doors to blend security with modernism.

Energy efficiency

Almost all French door styles are extremely energy efficient. They have a high air retention rate, which greatly reduces heating and cooling costs. Large glass panes allow ample inflow of natural light, cutting down the need for additional lighting during the day. Since energy consumption varies between in-house spaces, having French doors connect indoors to outdoors maximize power efficiency. By design, French doors are much smoother than other kinds of doors.


French doors have large frames. Whether as out-swinging uPVC doors or sliding doors, they create a large entryway, paving a smooth path for everyone. This is beneficial when you want to move a large piece of furniture or appliance around easily. With other doors, this may be a limitation. These doors also create an illusion of additional space by letting in more light, and making the area seem larger than it actually is.


French doors come in many door styles, and you can personalize as per your home’s interior designs. Homes pressed for space could have sliding doors or folding doors installed, as they have minimal swing space requirements. There are different designs for entry and exit doors, which offer tight security.