Is water everywhere in your building? Do you know water can sink your building? Does your roof needs to get repaired due to water leakage? One mistake can ruin the entire infrastructure of yours. If you do not focus on waterproofing it may damage your building. Water damage, water accumulation, and flooding are the most common reasons that cause damage to your property and is a problem that is growing day by day. People feel that waterproofing is just going to add cost to their project, but they are not aware of the that every stage in construction is important as weather may cause damage to your place if not followed the right procedure. It is important for people to know that it is just not an expensive luxury, but will add to your infrastructure’s life. Here are some of the reasons why one should go for waterproofing.

  • Adds life to your infrastructure: Waterproofing your place at the early stage will help in sealing it more effectively rather than to do it after it is finished. Waterproofing measures helps in reducing the moisture content of the building, which helps in having a  comfortable stay. It also adds hygiene to the infrastructure. It is important to escape the humidity and moisture inside the building. Such measures can be done when the building is in the construction phased. If we delay it for sometime later or when the project is finished, it will not fit in properly.
  • Saves Money: If you think waterproofing as an investment that will blow your budget then you may compromise the life of your building. Rather think it is an investment that will save a lot of money in the future. Just as it is important to install insulated windows in the beginning, waterproofing is a process that is completed for a better future.
  • Protects your interiors: During construction, the inner parts of the building are exposed to atmospheric elements. The foundations, insulation and frames are the most prominent parts of the building that may get damaged. If you plan to use steel and concrete the damage is less likely to occur, although the metal parts may rust and the concrete lining may damage. But the wooden material is more likely to get damaged by the effects of water. If the wooden work is made to expose to water for a long time, they may get infested with molds and begin to decay. This will make the entire structure unfit and unhygienic to live. Waterproofing may prevent this damage to occur at the first place, and promote your infrastructure with a healthy and strong living. Remember, if you protect your stuff from getting damaged, you will not need to replace them in future and thus will save money.
  • Avoid basement flooding: Basements are the most vulnerable places for water to seep inside. The soil beneath the floor soaks the water and then enters the building through the cracks. The water once when it enters the concrete, will lead to mold formation and flooding. During winters, the situation may worsen as the water may freeze, which will make the foundation expand, and the entire basement will be unsafe to stay. It is important to seal off the moisture when the basement is being built. Make sure you protect the foundation of your building as it will impart stability to your structure.

Do you want to risk the entire building for just the sake of not getting it waterproofed? Build your place that can handle the weather changes. Ask your constructor for getting your building waterproofed as it will help you live a tension free life for years.