Pho, Vietnam’s national dish is a soup with noodles, meat and vegetables. It is served hot. You can add seasoning if you want. The dish itself though is more than satisfying. It is also perfect any time. Even though this is Vietnam’s national dish, it has already gained worldwide attention. In fact, if you visit Vietnamese restaurants, Pho will always be top of the list. Here are some reasons why people just love pho.

4 Reasons Why Vietnamese Pho Is An International Favourite

  1. It doesn’t have really strong flavours. There are spicy dishes. Some others are salty. There are also others that are bland. Pho is just right. It is not spicy at all, but if you add a spicy seasoning, it can be. It is also not salty. It is not bland either. The combination of all the ingredients is just right. This is why whatever your preference is, you will surely love pho.
  2. It is a balanced meal. It has everything that you need in a complete meal. It has meat for protein. It has noodles for carbs. It also has vegetables for vitamins and minerals. The soup is usually made from meat stock. This means all the nutrients that you need when eating can be found in pho. You will surely feel satisfied after finishing a bowl.
  3. The dish is easy to prepare. When ordering this dish in restaurants, it will only take a few minutes before the dish is served. This is because they just have to mix the ingredients all together. The soup is already prepared. The meat, vegetables and noodles are pre-cooked. The heat of the soup will cook them further. It means that Vietnamese restaurants outside Vietnam can easily prepare this dish and it tastes really authentic.
  4. The ingredients are really tender. The meat used in the dish is cooked for several hours before serving. It is also placed in constant low heat so it remains tender when served. To have a contrasting texture, the vegetables are fresh and crisp. This means that when you eat this dish, you will have a complete experience.

In short, it is time to find the nearest Vietnamese restaurant London offers and enjoy this dish. For sure, you are now salivating over this wonderful dish. You don’t have to visit Vietnam just to get a one-of-a kind meal. After trying it out in one restaurant, you might want to go and check it out in another place. There are a lot of quality Vietnamese restaurants in London. Once you have found the perfect place, you can go back there next time. Of course, aside from Pho, Vietnamese cuisine has a lot more to offer.

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