Do you live in a hot, humid area? Then you must know how uncomfortable the heat could be especially during the summer months. When the heat becomes unbearable and using a fan doesn’t help, a good air conditioning system could save the day.

While using a window type or central cooling system for your home could reduce the discomfort due to the heat, frequent usage could also make your electricity bills go through the roof. Homeowners have been looking for a more affordable substitute to the usual air conditioning systems. For this reason, they started switching to the more cost efficient ductless cooling system.

4 Reasons To Cool Off With Ductless Cooling Systems

What is a Ductless Cooling System?

Ductless air conditioners, more widely known as the mini-split, do not need air ducts unlike in traditional cooling systems. It is composed of two major parts – an indoor unit, which is mounted inside the house to deliver cool air into the room; and an outdoor unit, which acts as the compressor. Refrigerant lines that deliver electricity and take away condensate run between the two. Ductless cooling systems also have an adjustable quiet blower and thermostatic control. This type of system is perfect for homes where installing traditional air conditioners is not feasible.

4 Advantages of Ductless Cooling Systems

Many HVAC professionals recommend the mini split because of its benefits that traditional air conditioners could not deliver.

  • They are easy and fast to install.

Because there is no extensive ductwork needed, installing this system takes significantly less time, usually within a couple of hours, as compared to installing a central air conditioner, which takes about a week to finish. Hooking up the indoor and outdoor units only needs a hole through the wall where the refrigerant lines would pass through.

  • Their compact size does not take up much space.

The indoor unit of the ductless cooling system is small and compact that it could be placed in low visibility areas such as the high parts of the wall and near corners. The outdoor condenser, which is bigger in size, is placed outside the home. Most mini splits come with variable conduit length, so you can place the condenser near or far from the indoor unit. This compact size and flexibility make it ideal for small spaces like apartments, studio type dorms, or individual rooms in bigger homes.

  • They have increased efficiency.

Ductless cooling systems use significantly less power than other types of air conditioning systems. They can cool the area faster and maintain that temperature using less energy, which means a huge drop in your electricity bill.

  • They produce minimal noise.

Compared to a window or central air conditioning system, which produces a lot of different noises, a mini split is so quiet you could barely notice it’s there except for its quiet hum.

If you want to have a mini split installed in your home, consult your most trusted heating and cooling expert to find out the perfect size for you.

Written by the staff of Controlled Aire Heating and Cooling in Moberly, MO.

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