Forklifts are extremely important pieces of equipment for several kinds of businesses. When you need one, there isn’t really a suitable substitute. With that said, they can be huge investments, so off-setting that cost can help companies keep their budgets in check and remain profitable. This is when the option of buying a previously owned forklift becomes very appealing, because if chosen well, a previously owned forklift can still be a quality machine, but with a much lower price tag. Here are four reasons why going with a previously owned forklift is the best decision you can make for your business.

Low Price, but Top Quality

Previously owned forklifts have a lower initial cost, which can produce significant savings for a business. However, these savings don’t always mean the quality is lower. Due to the fact that so many businesses have folded over the past few years, the market has become saturated with previously owned forklifts. Big product suppliers bought up a lot of those machines, fixed them up, and priced them for much less than their brand new counterparts. This has created a buyer’s market with plenty of selection. Just be sure to check the odometer on the machine to make sure the seller isn’t being dishonest about the hours of use before purchasing it.

4 Reasons To Buy A Previously Owned Forklift

Easier Maintenance

Believe it or not, older forklifts can be a lot easier to take care of, and they can be cheaper to work on. When choosing a previously owned forklift dealer, go with one that is located near your business. You’ll save on initial delivery costs, and service calls will be cheaper and faster.

Cleaner Operating

Unlike their brand new, fuel powered counterparts, previously owned electric forklifts operate with no carbon monoxide emissions, which is especially important if the forklift is being used indoors. It is also easy to change an electric motor and replace the batteries, which means the life of the machine will be extended. Not only will you be saving financially, but you’ll be producing no pollution and allow for easier maintenance, which makes this an even easier decision.

Possibility for a Fleet

Since previously owned forklifts are a lot cheaper, buying more than one might be within the realm of financial possibility. Owning multiple forklifts means you’ll have the option to alternate forklifts, or have several forklifts operating at the same time, which can improve your overall efficiency and productivity. Of course, no mater how many machines you are buying, be careful to inspect the service records for any inconsistencies in the maintenance, or any past problems with the machines. Even though you’re saving money, don’t cut corners when choosing a previously owned forklift.