Quick and easy home cleaning/ maintenance you can handle yourself (DIY); however, it makes sense to call a local & certified electrician for the better solution of serious electrical issues. That said we’ll now jump onto the quick and easy home cleaning/ maintenance tips that will help you to keep your home clean and pristine.

4 Quick & Easy Home Cleaning (DIY) Tips


4 Quick & Easy Home Cleaning (DIY) Tips

  • Nobody likes to take shower in a bad shower area especially where the walls around are stained and look quite dirty.
  • Take the dish wand holder and fill half of it with liquid soap and another half with vinegar, and close it and use its brush to rub over the dirty walls in the shower area, and boom – all the dirt vanishes pretty quickly.
  • You can also use this solution to clean any of the walls in any of your rooms.

4 Quick & Easy Home Cleaning (DIY) Tips

  • If your bathroom accessories are having chrome metal finish or any other metal finish and have accumulated water stains – cleaning them is easy.
  • Take a half lemon piece and elbow grease and rub the lemon on to the fixtures. The acid in the lemon breaks down the hard water and it’s easier on your hands. Thus, no harsh chemicals are really needed.
  • If there are tougher stains over your taps, take a washed clean cloth and wrap it around the stain over the tap and pour some distilled white vinegar on it and leave it for 30 minutes.
  • After 30 minutes, remove the cloth while rubbing it across the stained area of the tap.
  • On the same tap, if there are sterner stains over the tap’s hard-to-reach edges then take an old toothbrush (that’s not in use) and brush it across the edges and corners. Rinse off the fixture when done and you get the fixture shining like new.

4 Quick & Easy Home Cleaning (DIY) Tips

  • Next time when you clean your toilet, use the vinegar; it’s an eco-friendly method that kills bacteria, germs, mould, as well as, dirt deposits.
  • Open the toilet’s flush tank lid and pour in a good amount of distilled white vinegar. Now get to the rim of the toilet and clean it with vinegar as well.
  • Next, soak some toilet paper with vinegar and place it on the inside of the toilet rim and let it sit for several minutes.
  • Next, pour vinegar into the toilet bowl and clean it with your toilet brush.
  • Remove the toilet paper from under the rim and scrub it with the toothbrush before flashing it. You get your toilet clean and sparkling as new.

Nonetheless, if you land into more serious plumbing problems like a blocked toilet or blocked drain etc. then it’s recommended to avail the services of a certified local plumber near you.


4 Quick & Easy Home Cleaning (DIY) Tips

  • Mirrors are installed in every home and it is important to keep your mirrors neat and crystal clear so that you can use it to groom yourself every morning before going to the office and on every evening or holidays before going out to parties.
  • Well, to clean mirrors, be it in your bedroom, over the wash basin countertop or in your bathroom, you can easily clean it.
  • Take 3 black tea bags and dip it in a glass filled with 240 ml of water and nicely dip it as many times until the water in the glass turns black.
  • Now, pour the water into a spray bottle and take some newspaper along. Spray it on to the mirrors and wipe it away with the newspaper. You may have to repeat it two or more times as per the condition of your mirrors (i.e. dirtier your mirrors, more times you may have to spray the solution and wipe it away with the newspaper).
  • Even the dirtiest mirrors will be made clean with this. You can also use the solution to clean any other glass surfaces.


Most of the cleaning is quite easy that you can do once a week; once in 6 months check the battery of your smoke alarm and/ or once in a while replace the light bulb and whenever required you can tighten a screw here and there. However, for more complex electrical issues, it’s recommended to call in a licensed electrician near you.


All these are pretty easy maintenance tips and there is no risk to life and arm but it’s crucial to know when to call in the professionals for complex things without getting carried away with your DIY pride.

Quick electrical services and plumbing services are requisites in a home or commercial property and you never know when you will require them, so it would be good to have their contact numbers saved to your smartphones – this will be handy for you to call in these certified professionals when you need them the most.