Keeping your car under proper supervision is the key to ensure your safety. Changing the parts and getting it serviced when required is essential. Replacing the windshield of your car is a standard procedure in case of irreparable damage, but very often the service providers swindle their customers for some extra profit. Given to the importance of your car’s front auto glass in maintaining the integrity of your car, it is vital that you ask them the following questions:

Are the Technicians Certified?

Before anyone touches your vehicle, you should inquire the credibility of the technicians. How much experience do they have? And are they certified to service the windscreen? With so many different models in the market today, all requiring glasses of different shapes and sizes, replacing a windshield is a complicated process. For example, the technicians ought to have some knowledge on Toyota cars if they are to be entrusted with Toyota car glass replacement or repair. Asking these valuable questions will not only save you added expense but also decrease the chances of any accident in the future.

Which adhesive do you use?

When the service provider agrees on a substantially low payment, it ought to raise serious suspicions. They might choose to save money by using substandard adhesives. Adhesives ensure that the windscreen does not shift from its original position. Poor quality adhesives increase the risk of windshield disassembling. Make sure that the company used Urethane adhesive.

How soon can you drive?

In this fast-paced world, we hardly have time to wait. But while trying to make use of every minute, we choose to ignore the dangers. The adhesive requires a few hours to dry off completely, before it is safe to drive again. Unfortunately, a lot of owners are not aware about this and take the danger of taking it out for a ride before the adhesive has dried up. Situations like these can be fatal and so proper precautions should be taken. Ask your service provider how long will it take for the adhesive to completely dry off.

What is the warranty on the replacement?

If you are willing to spend enough time for the replacement process, you should make sure that all your efforts do not go into vain and if it does then at least the service provider should take full responsibility. Most of the reputed companies offer Honda, Maruti, Ford or Toyota windshield replacement warranty with the replacement. Before getting it serviced be sure to ask about the warranty they offer.