4 Necessities To Help You Stand Out At A Business Convention

Representing your business at a convention with multiple other professionals can be a stressful task. You want to appeal to customers and potential clientele as well as shine as a competitor against your other rivals. Having a well-planned display with modern amenities can help generate more business for you as well as garner respect from opposition. Included here are a few necessities to help your company shine at a business convention or tradeshow.

Create a 3D Layout

You want your booth at the event to be complex and interesting enough that people stop and wander in. A flat table with a 3-fold display is not going to enthrall individuals. Create a 3D display with a large, aluminum framed, wrap around canvas display to promote your brand. This can be accented with other tables in the foreground so people are interested in coming further in.

Briefcase displays are one of the easiest things to set up on your small tables. Briefcase displays are small, portable displays that fold out into three sections on a table or the ground. These contain high end, graphic illustrations or information for your clients. Be sure to invest in large, standing, roll-down displays; this will enable you to place them farther out in the aisle and allow your brand to be seen from farther away.

Incorporate Electronics

In this modern day and age it is a necessity to have good electronics in use at any business promoting event. It is quite easy for you to rent iPad kiosks or monitor mounts that will allow guests to have an interactive view into your business. The content you display on those kiosks is completely up to you, but simply showing your adeptness with technology shows competence and quality.

Have Visual Effects

By displaying a powerpoint or slideshow on the back of your display, you can easily draw more viewers. These shows can have audio or not, depending on your convention, but the light and movement is sure to attract more clients. High quality canvas displays and pictures are advantageous as well, as patrons can easily view them and understand your brand.

Utilize Lighting

A poorly lit display is one that will not be accessible to visually challenged or older clientele. Keep in mind that most people over the age of 40 require reading glasses; this means that using small font or having a dim area will not be appealing to them. Not to mention the power of warm lighting in a cold, fluorescent lit convention center will be enticing to nearly everyone. And if you have plenty of well-designed information and graphics for them to view once they arrive, you may secure even more clients.

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