4 Luxury Honeymoon Destinations Around The World

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There are so many things to plan for your upcoming wedding, but one of the most exciting aspects to consider is your honeymoon. Whether you choose to have your honeymoon a day, week or month after your special day, your holiday is a chance to spend time with your newly wedded partner in relaxation and bliss. You’ll want your honeymoon to be as enjoyable as the wedding itself, so you’ll probably spend quite a long time seeking the perfect destination. Luckily, I’ve got a few tips on a few of the most luxurious honeymoon locations around the world where you can go to chill out on the beach, go exploring, and be waited on hand and foot. Here are my most prestigious picks…

Caribbean & Mexico

The first area to consider for your honeymoon is the white sandy expanses of the Caribbean and Mexico. The Caribbean is maybe more suited to you if you are searching for a tropical setting with an infusion of cultures; there are many islands full of gorgeous beaches and beautiful turquoise waters. Mexico on the other hand is ideal for those who want a bit of adventure as you can explore the historical treasures left behind by the Aztecs and Mayans.

Indian Ocean

A popular pick for luxury honeymoons is the Maldives, based in the Indian Ocean. As soon as you arrive here you’ll be treated like a VIP, and that experience will continue when you head to the perfect white sand beaches to while away the hours in comfy hammocks. You can explore stunning beaches and cascading waterfalls in Mauritius, where jungles and mountains make the landscape into a place of magic.

Greece & Cyprus

A bit closer to home, you might like to consider a honeymoon to Greece or Cyprus. There are many islands to choose in Greece to suit your personality and honeymoon requirements, but you’ll definitely be able to find somewhere quiet, beautiful and luxurious. In the summer, you’ll find Greece a pleasure to visit as it is warm, scented and intimate. There are sleepy fishing villages and traditional Tavernas, and in Santorini you’ll find the most breathtaking sunsets. In Cyprus, you’ll be blessed with 300 sunny days a year and plenty of places to explore.


Italy has long been considered a place of romance and one of the best honeymoon spot is Europe, so could there really be a better place to spend your honeymoon? Think about vineyards dotted about the landscape, and local eateries where you can make the most of the food and drink available. In terms of cities, Venice is of course a popular destination due to its long association with romance; gondolas travel the canals with embracing lovers. You can also explore the Italian islands of Sardinia and Sicily, where there is lot of peace and quiet to be found. Again, there is plenty of reasonably priced local cuisine to enjoy, and of course many beaches where you can chill out during the daytime.

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