A person’s home is his or her castle, and nobody wants a dirty castle. Thus, the permanent quest for ways to keep the home clean, and thus, the solutions that come in the form of gadgetry. For today’s meditative stance on ways to keep your home clean by using the latest technology consider the four following categories of gadgets – the infamous robot vacuums in all of their iterations, the many different types of air filters and purifiers that are available, all of the ways you can filter your water, and self-cleaning pet products for the owners of animals.

4 Gadgets To Help You Keep Your Home Clean

Robot Vacuums

From the days of “The Jetsons,” robots and cleaning have been synonymous. And though we don’t have entirely constructed robot maid service yet, a quick review of the best automatic vacuums will show you that we are oh so close to nearly being at that level. Different vacuums will work better in different types of environments, so if you do choose to get this particular gadget, it may make sense to try before you buy, just to be certain you don’t end up with a bored robot and a dirty carpet.

Air Filters

Buying the right air filter can make a huge amount of difference in the overall cleanliness of your home. Be sure to look at specs like whether the filter takes care of animal dander or mold, and how many square feet it’s rated at. There’s also the matter of whether you’re going to have to buy new filters regularly, or if the filters are washable. This is another case where it’s not a bad idea to try one out in your home before totally selling yourself on it. Some are noisier than others as well, so if you plan on sleeping with one in the room, there’s that consideration to ponder over.

Water Filter

Water makes things cleaner right? But what happens when you have dirty water? Cleaning products don’t work as well. Dishes don’t come out clean. Hard water stains pop up all over. But, if you buy a good water filter, not only will you have better drinking water, you can also use it for other specific needs as well. Especially when it comes to washing dishes, if you use purified water at least to do the final rinse, your dishware will come out sparkling clean.

Self-cleaning Pet Products

If you have a cat, then you know how fast litter can get smelly, and how fast it can get all over the place. So, for you cat owners, if you want to keep your home truly clean, you can get one of the available self-cleaning litter packages that are available. There are actually several different varieties of the idea, so you’ll have to choose the one that you cat likes the best, and then rest easy.