4 Benefits Of Using Ammonia Free Dye For Your Hair

4 Benefits Of Using Ammonia Free Dye For Your Hair

Sometimes you can’t avoid the use of hair dyes in order to hide premature greying of your hair. In the past ammonia was added to permanent hair dyes to give more durable and better color to hair. Using ammonia dye can also make hair weak and damaged as it contains burning fumes which can be harmful for your hair. The latest trend in hair color technology is Ammonia-free hair dye. Ammonia-free hair dye do the same work like ammonia does but there are no harmful results of using these dyes as it does not contain burning fumes like ammonia. Ammonia free dyes are healthier and better alternative for your hair.

Here are top four benefits of using ammonia free -dye for your hair.

1.It Protects your scalp:Using Ammonia- free dyes for your hair does not provide any itching or a burning sensation to your scalp. It protects your scalp as it does not contain any allergenic chemical, whereas use of ammonia dyes on your hair can adversely affect your hair scalp

2.It is good for your hair:For those who occasionally dye their hair suffer from allergy along their scalp or can have a irritating scalp. The ammonia -free color or dye can reduce the chances of irritation  or allergic reaction of your scalp. The Ammonia free dye is also  free of side effects on your hair and they will make your hair more shiner and healthier. On the other hand, ammonia dye can damage the cuticles of your hair and can cause split ends, thus making your hair weak.  

3.It preserves vital nutrients and other proteins:Ammonia dye can raise the pH level of your hair to such an extent that it never get back to its original required pH level after you color your hair. This makes hair cuticle remains open for the rest of the time, which results in a constant loss of moisture and proteins. Ammonia -free dye creates an alkaline environment for your hair by raising the pH level. Using ammonia -free dye cause no harm to your hair and preserves the essential nutrients and proteins required for your hair.

4.It does not cause sinus problems:Using Ammonia dye not only cause harm to your skin but it can also harm your senses. The irritating smell of ammonia dye can also cause sinusitis, which is mainly responsible  for premature greying of your hair color. Ammonia -free dye does not cause problem of sinus and works as a softening agent for your hair.

Conclusion:The above mentioned were some benefits of ammonia free dyes for your hair. Dyes with chemicals are flooding the market but the wellness and health industry provides a safe and healthy solutions for your hair. Ammonia -free dye is one of the best solution for your hair.

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