Putting on an email marketing campaign is an effective way to persuade previous customers to make a return visit to your online store. A customer who signs up to get your newsletter or email updates is already interested in what your store has to offer. The trick is to keep that customer’s interest and turn the person into a frequent visitor to your store. Consider four attention-getting elements to include in your next email marketing campaign.

A Free Shipping Promotion

Free shipping is an offer that is especially valuable to many online shoppers. In fact, many shoppers arrange to make their purchases during a time when they know they will get free shipping. Sending out an email that includes a free shipping offer may prompt customers to visit your online store even if they don’t have anything specific to buy. This offer may entice them to make a spontaneous purchase just so they can take advantage of the free shipping offer.

An Invitation to a Special Sale

All shoppers like to feel they are appreciated by the stores they buy from. Putting an invitation to a special sale into email marketing material can make a customer feel like he or she is especially appreciated. Ideally, the customer will plan to browse the online store during the hours of the special sale. If the person doesn’t purchase any items during that sale, he or she will likely remember the email and be on the lookout for another special sale.

A Large Percentage Off a Total Purchase

Getting a large percentage off a total purchase from an online store is another attention-getter to put in email marketing material. In fact, if an online store has made this offer before, customers may wait to make several purchases when they can take advantage of the great deal. This gets customers looking for emails from the store each day and reading about the other offers contained in them. All of this adds to an online store owner’s efforts to establish a relationship with loyal customers.

A Reward for a Specified Number of Purchases

The offer of a reward for making a specific number of purchases is another enticing element to include in email marketing material. This is particularly appealing to shoppers who visit your online store on a regular basis just to see what’s new. One example of a reward is a free gift such as a tote bag or t-shirt. Another example of a reward is a gift certificate. These rewards serve as incentive for customers to continue visiting your online store to see what else they can earn.

Online business owners who want help with this undertaking may want to get professional email marketing campaign services. Email marketing can help online store owners connect with their customers as well as stir up word of mouth about the products and services they have available.

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