As in 2015, the web font adopting rate is increasing enormously suggesting the possible future of web fonts ruling the web design. Web designing services across the globe has showed multiple trends to adopt web font’s sin 2015. Some of them are as follows.

  1. Right from their initial stage, web fonts have came a long way, developing its need in multifaceted affairs of graphic designing and web designing. As long as they re evolving in their efficiency, they are also improving in visual appeal such as the gradient fonts or layered or even chromatic fonts are aesthetically very appealing. 2015 witnessed the usage of web fonts in digital HTML5 ads where they reinforce their commitment to utilize web fonts for a better user experience. Since the world is more prone to handy devices unlike the traditional PC, web fonts advances confidently to create typography which not only promises best visuals but also a better user experience.
  2. It is becoming more and more accessible. Typographical tools were not easily available few years before and were limited to the professional web designing services However, now they are more reachable owning to the easy access to the products like Sketch and Canva in the web market. Moreover web font’s tools are purchasable too by a major fraction of society thanks to the Adobe’s and Canva tools. Furthermore companies like Google offers free web fonts which encourages more and more web designers to jump in the bandwagon. Another credit of the abundant use web fonts goes to the popularity of Responsive web designs which incorporate diversity in the web fonts due to the range of devices and screen sizes they have to deal with.
  3. In the initial phase of web fonts, they use to be very heavy on the device particularly the non Latin fonts as they accompanies large files of character sets in it. However, after2010, web font’s transfer sizes have been improved drastically leading the trend even further. One step of this advancement is the WOFF2 font format. This font is supported by almost all the web browsers. In this format you will find new tools for font density which ultimately decrease the size of the files and minimum loading time. Less loading time leads to a better user experience eventually.