Growth is important to business owners, especially local ones. The goal of any business is to reach as many people as possible and to expand into something bigger and better. But with other larger businesses rivaling for the spotlight, how can a local business owner come out on top? Here are a few tips on how local business owners can expand their reach.

  1. Increase number of customers

Reach out to new customers with either what you are already selling, or with new offers. Think about your target consumer and those who may be looking for your product or service. Ask yourself if your product or service meets potential customer needs while saving money. Look into what people are spending otherwise on the same type of product/service that you offer.

One way to do this is through market research. Market research will enlighten you on how to reach out to potential customers, what to say and how to say it. It will show you the challenges that you may have to overcome, and will help you to maneuver your way around them. Increasing your customers will increase sales and get word around, thus expanding your business. Sometimes, all it takes is a small gesture to increase customers, such as offering coupons, free trials, or samples of your product or service.

  1. Expand your network

Socialize at different events, both industry and non-industry related. Attend business functions and trade shows, sponsor a little league game, or go to charity events. Always have your business card at hand and don’t be afraid to pitch your offerings to people. Talk to those who are in the same area of business as you. For instance, if you own a business that sells dance equipment, then why not approach a dance center and speak about what you can offer them? It helps to have an elevator pitch ready for such moments. Elevator pitches should be under a minute long, which is just enough time for you to briefly talk about your product or service. If whoever you are speaking to seems interested, then you have time to further discuss your business and make connections.

Another way to expand your network is to maintain relationships with your current customers. Communicate with them, be helpful and informative, and let them know that they can trust you. If you establish a strong customer relationship, then they might refer you to other people they know, thus expanding your network and business.

  1. Increase search engine traffic

To get more customers and expand your network, you’ll need to drive more traffic through search engines. Update your business’ website, start a blog, and be more active online. When writing on your website or blog, target local keywords such as the name of your city and products. Be involved with other people online. Guest post on their websites and build links with real-world connections. Something as simple as creating an FAQ page on your website can help increase internet traffic. And lastly, promote your business on social media. Create a Facebook page for information, a Twitter account to give daily updates, and an Instagram to post pictures related to your business. You don’t have to do all this yourself. There are plenty of SEO agencies in Toronto that will help you get the highest search engine results.

Expanding your business depends on building connections, maintaining current relationships, and being up to date on the latest forms of improving business. Growth comes slowly, especially to local business owners, but if you follow these tips, you are sure to beat the time and come out on top.