Presentations can be made more engaging by incorporating an audience response systems. However, you have to use a proven audience response systems to ensure the overall presentation turns out to be a memorable experience. For instance, audience response systems can be integrated with PowerPoints during an event to enable speakers to pose engaging questions to the audience. The audience is then allowed to respond to the questions in real-time using a handheld keypad. Audiences benefit from the combination of engaging participation exercises and helpful learning concepts. Let’s now evaluate three ways audience response systems benefit new employees.

3 Ways Audience Response Systems Benefit New Employees

Team Building

Team building is crucial for any organization to bring together members of a team to work together towards a common goal. A team that consists of different members, normally with different roles, need a way to ensure everyone is participative and updated about the project. Audience response systems (ARS) promote interaction between the team members and helps them to construct a new working relationship, especially for new employees. During discussion exercises, an ARS helps the team to discover particular separate groups and sub-groups. Team building includes some form of competition where members of the team try to make their points advance. An ARS, when incorporated in the PowerPoint presentation, is especially important because it forms a topical quiz. Audience response keypads are appropriate for team building.


Sometimes an organization may want to gather information about employees. The information of interest may be where they stand regarding knowledge, what they think about business and understanding of how particular activities are carried out. This kind of information can be obtained from carrying out accurate survey and statistics through the ARS technology. By using the audience response keypads, you can collect in a quick and easy way display opinions and survey results from colleagues, employees, audience, and clients for everyone to see. Using the demographic questions or any other criteria, you can then analyze data to show how different subgroups compare in their opinions.

Knowledge Assessment

An ARS is appropriate for assessing the knowledge levels of an audience. Carrying out the assessment gives an opportunity to distribute the appropriate content that suits the needs of the new employees. Meridia’s Mobile Audience Response is one of the solutions that can be used to interact with a live event or training to test new employees’ knowledge and determine whether they possess core skills required in the new role. The trainees’ response can be tracked by an individual or anonymously and then group ratings are offered. Data can then be shared within the team or group or even stored for future analysis.


Whether it is conference and presentation support, opinions polls and surveys, corporate training and testing, employee induction, voting, and elections or Hybrid meetings and multi-site events, ARS solutions are indeed appropriate for new employees’ evaluation. From the honest, anonymous and accurate data obtained, trainers and decision makers can confirm audience comprehension, determine strategies to improve audience attentiveness and increase knowledge retention.