3 Things You Need To Do To Become A Women’s Keynote Speaker

3 Things You Need To Do To Become A Women’s Keynote Speaker

If you want something said, ask a MAN. If you want anything done, ask a Woman. This quote by the famous Prime Minister of United Kingdom, Margaret Thatcher. Luckily women just did not stop at that and ventured the into the “something said” part also. Women have proved to be if not more than equally successful at speaking in business conferences and a playing a moderator for an event. There are some particular qualities in a women keynote speaker, which makes them so much successful at what they are doing.

Women are more open hearted than men and share their feeling more easily than the opposite sex. They have a sort of intimacy in them that reflects in their speech. Also, women keynote speakers need to be aware about the ideas and information that is appealing to not only the women but to all the people.

Connecting with the Audience

Face to face conversations may be a cake walk for women, but when it comes to speaking to an audience, that at times can be more than 100 people as live audience and millions as the online audience, everything becomes bigger. The speaker need to connect with an audience, which comprises of other women and men who have a

very short attention span. The key is to communicate with people in the room and not attempt at speaking, but communicating effectively. This can make people be more open to the speaker and accept the message. In your communication, if you are able to successfully given them the feeling of a journey they will be delighted to hear from you more and more.

Giving Substantial Statements

If you listen closely, it will not take much of your time to figure out that most them are just speaking and have nothing of substance to say. Some of them sound too good, but lack quality.  It looks easy,especially for women to engage the audience by styling and dressing. This can only take them a little far in their journey but eventually the audience will get bored of the fashionista look. However, if the matter contains what the audiences have come to listen to, the importance of style points begins to fade. A good keynote speaker prepares the matter of her speech to convey a deeper meaning to the people. Some of the women keynote speakers, who are amongst the best in the business have

delivered speeches which has the subject as entrepreneurship through the lens of poverty.

Representing their Gender well

Women need to understand that in the race of becoming equal to a man, they are losing their uniqueness. Women are only ones gifted with the special power to bring a new life to this world. Taking emotional and physical care of the women is really essential. Women have special gifts that they use in the upbringing of the newly born human being. This sets them apart and they should preserve and present their gender well enough to be able to establish themselves as a women keynote speaker.

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