Some SEO techniques are considered as the norm among professionals in the field. There’s an increasing demand for quality SEO service and this is essential in the highly competitive industry riddled by ever-altering algorithm imposed by major search engine services. Many businesses need to readily accept SEO techniques as integral part of their search engine marketing. In this case, they shouldn’t disrupt the efforts by using wrong tactics.

There are a few things that can disrupt our SEO performance:

  1. We insist too much on achieving high rankings: Although SEO is about ensuring that we achieve the highest position in the search engine results; this is actually an uncertainty. Good search engine ranks that last permanently depend on a combination of many factors. Ethical search engine optimization is a better method to choose, if we want to better survive the next major algorithm update. Content is still the core of any website and it is consisted of text and images. Instead of trying too hard to reach the highest rank possible, if we should try to make sure that search engine crawlers will index our content, because it is unique. It means that we should be able to make sure that our website is worthy of a genuine, relevant link. This is essential if we want to allow search engine crawlers to learn more about our website.
  2. We update our website without consulting SEO professionals first: This is a very innocent mistake that’s performed by many website owners. In reality, improper website updates could overturn our previous successes and we could accidentally remove things that play in our favour, in SEO point of view. As an example, some business owners may want to update an old press release that has attracted many views. They could create a new webpage with new title and remove the old webpage. Unfortunately, a webpage that has achieved a good ranking in search result is removed and we start from scratch. This would be detrimental to our online success and it is important to regularly check our landing pages. Landing pages are not always our primary homepage, it could be some of our content webpage that contains unique, valuable information for many people. Some websites gave test beds and this could be damaging once our website goes live. Some of these test beds could go live for months, before we launch our actual website. However, we should be aware that once we remove test beds and use our actual website, we would need to start from scratch again.

We focus too much on link exchanges: It is obvious that exchanging link isn’t a natural way getting links. This is an artificial method to provide us with links, regardless of how relevant they are to our main topics. It is true that an exchanged link is better than nothing at all, but we shouldn’t consider this method as a primary way to get results. Inbound links should be achieved only if people think that our website is worthwhile. If we link to a penalized website, it is possible that we will share the penalization too.