You can find an infinite number of “How to pack moving boxes”-articles on the internet, all saying you should not pack too heavy boxes. And instead not filling boxes up, which can cause instability when stacking in the moving truck, rather use small boxes for heavy things, and big boxes for light items. Also, all these articles say you should pack fragile items in a certain way, so they won’t break – but what exactly is this special way to pack? There are different things you can do to protect your glassware and china from damages during your local relocation  – take a look at these 3 steps for packing fragile items.

3 Steps Of Packing Fragile Items For Your Local Move

1. Gather Cushion Material:

Cushion material is the name of the game when it comes to packing fragile valuables! Do not throw out newspapers, old documents, towels etc.. Gather anything you think could be useful and as much of it, as you think you will need – and a little extra, just in case.

2. Type of Boxes and how to Pad them:

The material of regular moving boxes cannot withhold stronger impacts, that is why you should buy a couple of plastic boxes to transport your fragile possessions in. Even if you are only moving into a house one street away, damages can happen any time. The advantage of  plastic containers is that they are more stable, and when padded correctly, they make a very safe transportation-vessel. By ‘padded correctly’ we mean that wrapping the items into cushion material on its own, won’t be enough protection. Alway put a layer of newspapers or towels on the bottom of the box, as well as between the packed items and the walls of the box.

3. Packing the Fragile Valuables:

Start packing flat goods, like plates. Never wrap multiple items together. In case of a sudden and harsh movement, they will hit together and damage each other. Wrap every item individually and place them on each other in the box. If you have more than one stack in the box, fill the gaps between them with more cushion material, to keep them from moving during the transport. Some people and websites advise to wrap cups and glasses, fill them up with more paper and then put them individually in the box. That is the safest way, but also requires lots of space. It is just as okay to stack them into each other after wrapping each one into enough cushion material – it is still very unlikely they will break and you need less boxes.

Make sure to leave some space on the top the box, so you can put more cushion material before you close it.

Follow these 3 steps and your fragile possessions will arrive safe and sound in your new home. If you do not want to buy extra plastic boxes, put extra cushion material in a moving box and you should be good to go – or hire professional movers and packers who will take care of the proper packing and transportation. Also, most Abu Dhabi/ Dubai movers offer insurance, in case your belongings still get damaged during their service.

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