Your 20’s are a time of exploring adulthood and coming into who you are as a person.  Exploring relationships, trying out new adventures and enjoying life with fewer priorities and obligations.

While some people buckle down right away and hit the ground running, studies show that the majority of people take their time easing into things.  They stay up later, take work less seriously, and wait to have a family and children until they are later into adulthood.

So what are the signs that you’ve finally exited those days of your careless 20’s and entered the new phase of your 30’s?  Here are some of the telltale signs that you are now an official 30 something.

You’ve Got Debt

Whether you owe student loans, you’re paying back a car loan, or perhaps you just went crazy with a credit card in your careless 20’s, many people find themselves looking at their debt and realize it’s time to start taking work seriously.

30 somethings tend to have a more serious outlook on wanting to have a more comfortable life and therefore start getting themselves into things like house purchases or buying things for their new family.  Paying off debt becomes a priority as the desire to become financially independent sets in.  Work hours increase, and the need to pay the bills is a must!

A Wild Night is “Netflix and Wine”

Once upon a time on a Friday night, you wouldn’t have dreamed of missing the wildest party down the street or going to the bar with friends regardless of the impending hangover the next day.  As you start reaching your 30’s your tolerance for crazy nights out starts to decrease and you may find yourself wondering how you ever did it before.

Instead of putting on an uncomfortable pair of stilettos and an outfit entirely weather inappropriate, you settle into a nice pair of pajamas and crack open a bottle of red wine.  Netflix has become your best friend, and any time a new series or movie is added you find yourself staring at the clock excited for 7 pm to roll around so you can ease into your couch time.

You Start Looking at Calories

The nights of going to Jack in The Box at 3 am are way behind you.  Instead of living off of boxed cereal and top ramen you are now finding yourself buying things like “quinoa” or “kale” and Pinteresting low-calorie meals.

As your metabolism starts to slow, the old ways of eating are no longer an option if you want to stay in shape. Grocery trips that once took you 30 minutes now take an hour and a half because you have to pause in the aisle and make sure you read the entire nutrition label thoro

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