For most candidates who want to advance their career, an MBA is an ideal choice to go for. However, certain students may feel that it’s a better choice to focus on obtaining work experience. It may work out in your favor, if you invest time and effort into a quality MBA program. But if your goals aren’t aligned well with an MBA experience, then you may be better off by working directly after your BBA.

Some of the best MBA colleges in Delhi, including IILM, teach students to reach excellence in their domain. If that isn’t something that is on your radar, then you may be better off skipping an MBA at this point. When you start to notice that many of your colleagues are getting their MBAs then it may be time for you to get yours.

Not the right time for an investment:

Certain candidates may feel like it is not the right time to invest in an MBA at this stage. This could be because of monetary reasons or time reasons. Certain candidates may be facing many projects and have a larger number of responsibilities. Since an MBA is a 2-year commitment, students may choose to do so after they’re reached a stagnation in their careers.

It may also be that they are waiting for the right examination score to get into the perfect management institute in Delhi. This is also a good strategy; however, students need to weigh the benefits.

Shorter-term aspirations:

Candidates that don’t have strong long-term aspirations may find it better off to be without an MBA degree. An MBA program requires candidates to have long-term vision about their careers, and a student may not clear the entrance exams if there isn’t a strong vision.

Candidates that want to focus on short-term goals within the workplace may be better suited to continue working there in their current role.

Network-oriented industry:

There are a handful of industries and companies that rely more on networks and connections than true skill or degree. These companies generally tend to be more Indian-based and have familial connections within the organization. These workplaces may attract candidates that need to develop strong relationships within the company to advance further in their careers.


MBA colleges across the country want the best for their students, so that they emerge as business leaders. If students prefer to focus on building their work experience at this stage, then an MBA may not be needed. Certain industries may be work-ex oriented, making it more important to build contacts within the company.