Chandigarh is home to some of the best and brightest students in the country. That’s because there is so much diversity in education, and the quality of faculty is top-notch. Chandigarh has some of the best-known schools and colleges in India and has been a top priority for parents who prefer giving their children quality education. For college students looking to explore the depths of science and art, there is no better place than Chandigarh.

Chandigarh has been known to have quality educational institutions that work with the brightest students in the country. It’s focus on enhancing overall learning and aptitude make it one of the best educational hubs in North India.

St. Kabir High School

3 Prominent Educational Institutions In Chandigarh

St. Kabir is one of the top schools in Chandigarh and is the perfect choice for parents who want to adopt international standards in a traditional school. The principal has high standards, both from students and faculty, and has developed the school over decades of excellence and inspired thinking.

The school houses top-of-the-line facilities, along with a dedicated wing for libraries and extra-curricular activities. They have the same focus towards kids that join-in from nursery to those that want to explore their CBSE board. Families moving from different states will appreciate the international approach offered by St. Kabir. It’s a quick 10-minute drive from a top Chandigarh accommodation in The LaLiT Chandigarh, where incoming parents can stay for a period of time until their children are well-settled.

Punjab Engineering College (PEC)

3 Prominent Educational Institutions In Chandigarh

PEC has a rich history that’s synonymous with Chandigarh’s own. It’s one of the top universities in the city and has a wide range of diverse courses offered. The architectural college at PEC is deemed as one of Asia’s best in the field. PEC’s philosophy is to enrichen the mind of the student holistically. This includes, theoretical, practical and play-related educational experiences.

PEC is also a central hub to Chandigarh’s youth. This is where new ideas, start-ups and engineering systems are produced. The PEC campus is one of the most vibrant ones in the city, along with their food being known as some of the best dinner places in Chandigarh. PEC has a natural energy that’s incomparable when it comes to innovation and focus on excellence.

Strawberry Fields High School

3 Prominent Educational Institutions In Chandigarh

Strawberry fields is one of the best educational institutions in Chandigarh. It’s a great place to have your kids roam around, have fun and play with some of the brightest young minds. It’s a top-notch school with international standards and practices. Their core philosophy is to use “Reason, not force”. This philosophy has lead them to attract international students that want to learn from the best professors in the country.

Their penchant towards excellence extends towards the results that they produce. For the ICSE 2016-17 batch, the average percentage was around 85%. This makes strawberry fields one of the top schools with premier passing grades in national examinations. For class 12th, it was close to 83%.