Do you want to shed off those extra pounds from your body and get skinny, but you don’t feel like pumping the iron. You can make this possible, if you follow the below given suggestions. You have to follow them with determination and consistency for not less than three months. Although you will get noticeable results in the first month itself, but continue with them for a longer period to get permanent results.

Before moving for a weight loss program remember that you will be able to see the results only if you are consistent. And in case you fail to do so, then you will not see good results.

Use a Hula Hoop

You can start by using hula hoop only for 10 minutes a day and you will find decreasing waste line after a couple of weeks. Experts opine that there is no any other exercise by which you can get this much of the results only by doing it for 10 minutes or less. Basically hula hoop is responsible for stimulating the inner muscles of your waistline. You will be surprised to know that even climbing or running cannot stimulate those muscles, which Hula Hoop can do. This is not only known for reducing the waste line, it also improves your metabolic rate which in turn burns more calories.

When you start doing hula hoop, don’t do it for too long. In the beginning you can only use it for 2 to 3 minutes and slowly you can increase the time. In case you are facing difficulty, need not to worry about it. You may be facing the difficulty because you are trying to keep it above your waist. Don’t worry over the period of time you will get perfection in this.

3 Practical Ways To Decrease Your Waistline

Chew the Food

This is a habit which pays tremendously in the long run and you need to develop it. This will not only improve your digestion, it will also help you in losing weight. You need to properly chew every morsel of your food. Some people advised to chew it for 15 times before swallowing. Whereas, some people have the opinion that God has provided us 32 teeth so we must chew our food for at least 32 times before swallowing. Although the numbers are not that important, what matters is that you should chew your food properly.


Harmful toxins get accumulated in our bodies and decrease the metabolic rate. In order to keep our metabolic rate working properly, we need to detoxify our bodies at regular intervals. People who have tried this detoxification process, they have seen overwhelming results. You simply need to include natural food in your daily diet to keep the toxins flush out of the body.

Some people also use Biotin, but before using a supplement make it sure that you are aware of biotin side effects side effects. The biotin requirements of our bodies are fulfilled by the green vegetables. Coenzyme rich food is enough for you, but if you are dealing with a deficiency of the same, then you need biotin supplement. Do not use it without consulting a physician as he knows the biotin side effects.