3 Offline Tactics To Recruit Top Talent

With the job market improving, the hiring market has become very competitive. Companies are rapidly hiring talented people with specialized skills, and it may often seem like there are not enough candidates to meet the demands of the market.

Finding quality job applicants is a serious challenge. First of all, one must consider how to structure job descriptions, and then distribute the advertisements online. This does not take into account that it also takes time to find the appropriate job boards to post the position. On average, a company will lose 26 working days to the process of finding the right candidate. Most companies cannot afford this production time loss. With the urgency to hire qualified people always looming, here are a few ways to build a hiring pipeline outside of the online tactics.

Source Qualified Applicants through you Existing Network

The best job candidates often come from personal referrals. Here are five ways to tap into that personal network:

 Industry Events

Industry events are often saturated with passionate professionals who are eager to meet and network. Consider these tips for making the most out of conferences for recruiting and networking:


Interns can turn into really effective job applicants. With the right set of supervisors training and guiding them, you can customize the processes you want each future candidate to learn, and eventually hire someone who can jump right into the job. Having regular meetings is a must with this method.

Your company can utilize these methods in conjunction with, or instead of, posting positions online. Scouting for talent can become exhausting, but you can help your company use effective methods that always result in strong candidates who will add greatly to the team.

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