Looking for ideas for a memorable vacation? This time, try something unique. The scenic American roads, the roadside attractions, picturesque spots and ever-changing landscapes are some of the things that every travel aficionado longs for. It’s interesting to note that about 25 percent of US citizens prefer road trips because they are fun, enriching, affordable, and the best way to spend some wonderful moments with your family and friends. If you love to travel, and are contemplating to invest in a home-on-wheels, why not choose a used Class A motor home for sale to explore the many tourist spots of the country? It’s always better to buy an affordable and well-maintained pre-owned luxury vehicle than a new one costing millions since you get the same facilities at a much lower price. And when you buy one, why not take the less-frequented, yet awesome American roads? Here are three of the less popular but amazing road trips that you must take in a Class A rig.

3 Less Frequented Yet Amazing Road Trips You Must Take In A Class A Motor Home

  1. A Trip from Austin to Marfa for Hipsters

You’ll love this road trip if you are a traveler who follows the latest trends in fashion. Austin is a fast-growing and vibrant city in Texas where you can enjoy a number of festivals depending on what time of the year you visit. The Out of Bounds Comedy Festival (from August 30 to September 5), for example, is known for its local comedy scene. It is definitely something you must attend.

You need to take to I-10 when leaving Texas. Unfortunately, there is not much to see on the way. So, make the most of your time in your motor home by watching TV, listening to music, playing RV board games, or simply savoring a delicious meal with your family.

Visit Fredericksburg, just 90 minutes outside the city of Austin. This quaint little town has a number of family-owned stores on the Main Street. The city’s old-fashioned feel keeps travelers hooked. It is also known for a place called Enchanted Rock which was a spiritual place for the Native Americans, and is still considered sacred.

Once you have seen Fredericksburg, take the I-10 route again and head for Marfa. It’s only a six hour drive. The city of Marfa is governed by an artist colony. A lot of popular movies were filmed in this location, and the Hollywood heartthrob of the yesteryears, Rock Hudson, was one of the guests at Marfa’s El Paisano Hotel. You’ll also find a Prada store which is more popular for its art concept than its retail value. Marfa is also famous for its mystery lights. Watch these floating light balls that have been seen since the late nineteenth century. These lights intrigue people because no one knows what they are or how they were formed.

  1. A Trip from Kohala Coast to Hawaii Volcanoes National Park for Nature Lovers

If you love to spend time with nature, then this is just the trip for you! Explore this route if you are obsessed with outdoor adventures. This trip will start at the Kohala Coast, which is popular for its most upscale resorts in Big Island. Make it a point to visit Maniniowali Beach, one of the most alluring beaches of the island. Locals call it Kua Bay. It offers exciting activities such as bodyboarding and swimming. Once you have had enough fun in the water, get into your motor home and head for Highway 19S. This is a wonderful place to explore if you are a true nature lover by heart. Get mesmerized by its rainforests and beautiful coasts. Did you know that 11 out of the earth’s 13 climate zones are found on this island?

Drive your luxury rig until you reach Highway 11. Stop at the Coffee Shack if you would love to taste some homegrown coffee, Kona java. This cafe is situated on a cliff’s edge, and offers a stunning and sweeping vista of the nearby area. Hop back in your motor home once you have had your share of caffeine. Keep driving until you reach the Pu’uhonua O Hōnaunau National Park. This park covers about 200 acres, and   was famous for an old royal wedding in Hawaii. It’s a stretch of approximately 40 miles complete with old lava fields and tropical forests — a treat to a traveler’s eyes. Next, head for Punalu’u Bake Shop in Naalehu. This is a must-visit place because it’s America’s southernmost bakery, and is popular for its yummy donuts.

Once you have had your fill of sweet treats at the bake shop, visit the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. This park received a lot of media attention because of its many volcanic eruptions a few years ago. Do not forget to visit the Kilauea Visitor Center if you want to see and understand how active lava flows. You must also explore the lava caves found all over this park.

  1. A Fun Trip from Denver to Telluride for Nature Lovers Again

Take this awesome road trip during the summer or spring time if you are a keen lover of nature. If you are visiting Denver during the winter months, have fun skiing on the beautiful Rocky mountains. Besides, the city is also home to some professional sports teams and museums. Once you have seen enough of Denver, take the I-70W to head to Ouray. Enjoy the spectacular views of the mountains and natural forests on the way. Ouray is a beautiful and well-maintained town that resembles the set of any Western film. If you are planning to visit the city in winter, you must see the Ourau Ice Park. You’ll find a lot of amusing activities including ice-climbing. During summer, enjoy a long and refreshing dip in the sulfur-free hot springs of Ouray. After exploring all the attractions of the city, head to Durango to have a fun train ride on the Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad. If you love hiking, you can even do so in the San Juan National Forest. Next visit Telluride, where the notorious American train robber robbed the first bank.

Your awesome road trip is just a motor home away. So, start looking for used Class A motor homes for sale, and plan for these lesser-known road trips in America. All of them are sure to keep you amused and thrilled on the way.

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