In order to improve your bodybuilding workouts and see good progress in muscle building, you can visit I have fragmented the entire workout schedule in three phases.

Before the Workout

Before you start your training schedule you are supposed to find a partner who has the same level of motivation and recovery ability as yours. By this you both can work on the same training program and help each other.

It is not necessary to train in the morning or in the evening, but work out at the time of the day which suits you. As a beginner, you must avoid the busiest periods of the gymnasium because there will be more distractions and delays during that busy period. Other than this you can plan one workout on the non-working day also.

If you are not feeling physically fit, then you can rest for a day. But in case you need to make this adjustment quite often, then this is the right time to modify your training program and your lifestyle also. By changing both, your body will recover properly between your workout schedules. Proper schedule will keep unscheduled rest days at bay.

3 Important Phases Of Bodybuilding

After taking your meal, do not work out too soon because you will feel nauseatic while training and in extreme cases you may vomit. On the other hand, if you will take longer to hit the gym after taking meal, you are left with an insufficient energy for the workout.

During the Workout

It is imperative on your part to start with warming up your body before you start using the weight. This will make your muscles ready to hold the weights. You can opt for stationary cycling, or skipping or any activity which can break you into a sweat.

For every kind of exercise, do a dedicated amount of warm up sets. This is to excite that special muscle group which is involved in that particular exercise. Resting period depends on the kind of intensity you choose in your workout. Ideally you can rest for a few minutes before switching off to another exercise.

When using heavy weight use lifters chalk (many carbonate). This provides a wonderful and secure grip when you are doing back exercises and upper body exercises.

When you start a new set, take the right grip and make right body posture. Don’t ever start with the improper grip.

You and your workout partner must ensure that you complete all the repetitions in a proper manner.

Start with a small weight and gradually increase as you find yourself capable to hold the weights.

Post Workout

After completing your workout, take a diet which is easily digested. The diet is supposed to be rich in protein and carbohydrates. Consumption of carbohydrates and proteins are based on your size and after how long you will have the next meal?

Take at least nine hours of quality sleep after the workout. This will help your body recover at a faster pace. As they say that muscles are developed when we rest, they are not developed in the gym.

After working out you can check different videos and information at