The benefits of clean air for you and your family are immeasurable, honestly.  There is no price high enough to assign to the health and safety of your family.  Some of us make the awful mistake of neglecting our health in our younger years, which is actually the time of our lives that can be most influential on our later years.  Air purifiers offer many clear advantages.  Dust mites, pollen, mold spores, and other allergens such as pet dander can easily be eradicated with any one of these three nifty gadgets.

Hepa Filters

3 Gadgets The Provide Cleaner Air For You And Your Family

Hepa is an acronym for high efficiency particulate air.  Most air purifiers require Hepa filters.  When choosing which Hepa filter to buy, you must first figure out how big of a space you need it to clean.  The filter works by pushing air through a fine mesh that traps dangerous particles that are present in your home.  Some vacuum cleaners even run through Hepa filters to keep the dust and dander down as you clean your carpets.

Ozone Generators

3 Gadgets The Provide Cleaner Air For You And Your Family

Ozone is actually just oxygen in a different form that contains three oxygen molecules instead of two.  The extra oxygen molecule has the ability to break off and attach itself to other substances in the air and chemically alter those substances.  This is the positive sort of ozone.  UV radiation ozone is the harmful type of ozone generated in our atmosphere.  These machines produce corona ozone, similar to what is produced by lightning in a storm.

Ozone generators are typically used in industrial settings while people are not present, though.  They can be somewhat harmful in small environments, but are a very effective method of purification if you own a large scale home.  So, do your research and know your needs to assure the best possible solution for your family’s clean air needs.


3 Gadgets The Provide Cleaner Air For You And Your Family2

Most air purifiers generally come equipped with an ionizer function.  When this function is enabled, voltage is applied to a bunch of needles built into the machine, creating electrons that are then discharged into the air.  These electrons then attach themselves to air molecules, and ions are formed.  When these negative ions are dispersed into the air, they attach to dust, dander, pollen, and other pollutants making them easier for your air purifier’s filter to catch.

Ionizers used in conjunction with Hepa filters will provide the most cost effective and safe way to fill your family’s lungs with clean, healthy air.  You can take a deep breath and rest at ease with the simple press of a button.  Air pollution can be a thing of the past.