Business travel has its advantages- it can keep work interesting, you get to explore new places, you have the opportunity to meet new people, you can try new foods and recreational activities, and much more! While this makes business travel seem glamorous, fliers might have to deal with quite some problems that can take a toll on them physically and mentally.

3 Common Business Travel Problems and Solutions To Help You Avert The Worst!

If you’re pumped up about your next business trip, here are 3 common problems related to business travel with solutions to help you avoid the worst.

#1 Jet Lag

Jet lag can take a toll on your productivity, and when you’re traveling for business, you can’t let fatigue dominate your hectic schedule. Though the symptoms are temporary, disturbed sleep, difficulty in concentrating, mood changes, and stomach problems can leave you feeling drained out.

The Solution:

  • Have a sleep schedule in place a few days prior to your flight. Try to accustom your body to the time zone you’ll be traveling to by going to bed and waking up earlier/later by a couple of hours.
  • Be well-rested before you board the flight. This will help your mind and body prepare for the change in time zones.
  • Dress comfortably for the flight. Layer your clothes so you can take a couple of things off or put them on easily to adjust to in-flight temperatures.
  • Avoid sleeping through the entire journey; adjust sleep cycles according to the local time of your destination.
  • Melatonin drops or pills can aid in-flight sleeping. Travel pillows, ear plugs, eye masks, blankets, etc. can prove to be helpful in inducing sleep. Remember to put away electronics like mobiles and tablets; they emit blue light that interferes with sleep.
  • Eat light food to keep digestion problems and drowsiness at bay. It’s advisable to eat 2-3 smaller portions of food spread out over the course of your journey instead of having a single heavy meal.

#2 Flight Delays

Flight delays happen all the time for reasons ranging from aircraft maintenance, glitches, fueling, air traffic congestion, and bad weather to security issues! There’s not much one can do about them, but you can certainly try to avoid flight delays and keep your cool.

The Solution:

  • Research well and book flights that will get you to your destination the fastest. Avoid flights that are likely to cause problems!
  • Understandably, busy airports have more delays. So know your route and see if you can fly into an alternative airport instead of one of the world’s busiest.
  • Travel disruptions have a ripple effect, so chances of flight delays increase as the day progresses. Consider flying out early in the morning to stay on the safe side. Note that the first flight of the day is also the cheapest!
  • A good idea is to scout for alternative flights as soon as you reach the airport. Put your name on the standby list the moment you see the first signs of delay.
  • In the event of a flight delay, remember to stay calm. Explain your priority to ground staff politely, and avoid getting into a full-fledged argument. Get away from the crowd, regain some perspective, eat a light snack, stay hydrated, and take deep breaths.

#3 Lost Luggage

Being the last person standing at the conveyor belt and seeing no sign of your luggage can be your worst travel nightmare. Your trip’s worth of clothes and toiletries are somewhere you don’t know, and you only have what you’ve got on you! When you’re on a business trip, it’s a goodbye to your suits and probably some important documents too.

The Solution:

  • Fly nonstop! If you have a connecting flight, there’s a chance for something to go wrong. Also, if one flight is significantly delayed, there’s always the risk of your baggage not making the connection. If you must take a connecting flight, avoid short layovers so airport staff have enough time to transfer our bags.
  • Baggage handlers need sufficient time for processing and loading all luggage. As such, checking your bags in late, even by a few minutes, can cause your luggage to get lost in transit.
  • Get a smart luggage tag that contains unique codes or has embedded microchips. These features enable airline personnel to track your luggage even when the airport tags get ripped off.
  • If you’re going to stay for a long time, say over a month, and need to carry a whole lot of stuff with you, think of shipping your bags to your destination. This way, your luggage won’t get lost and you’ll save fees on checked-in and overweight bags.
  • Ditch the checked baggage! Flying light has numerous advantages, one of them being not having to bother with baggage in tow. Again, this saves you money and time.
  • If you have to check-in your bags, always have a carry-on with you that holds a change of clothes, toiletries, important documents, and essential items.
  • As with flight delays, should you ever find yourself with missing luggage, stay calm and be polite with airport personnel. Ask if they can provide emergency supplies, note down a contact number or website address that lets you track your luggage, and be aware of your reimbursement rights.


The key to hassle-free business travel is averting trouble. With the information provided here, you now know how to avoid 3 common business travel related problems. So prepare well in advance and you’ll definitely be able to make the most of your trip!