3 Career Choices For People That Love Working With People

3 Career Choices For People That Love Working With People

When it comes to personality types, some of us are more cut out for working with people, and others of us are not.  Certain people have a certain willingness and drive to help others.  Despite their own wants and needs, moods, or circumstances, they are able to put their own lives on the side when they go to work.

People that love working with people are not all necessarily extroverts.  They can be introverts too.  Sometimes people aren’t born with the desire to work with other people, it can develop over time either from experience or being inspired by seeing someone else do it.

If you think you’re one of those people that were either born to work with others or think you’ve developed the desire over time, here are some of the best jobs for people who want to give back.

Drug And Alcohol Counselor

A job as a drug and alcohol counselor has extreme challenges and in return great rewards.  People who go to rehab often enter in a very unwilling state of mind and can be difficult to work with. It’s the drug and alcohol counselors job to introduce the patience and tools to show them a better life outside of addiction.

People in this career are fulfilled knowing that they’ve made another person’s life better and helped bring them out of a pit of despair and cyclical damage.  It can be incredibly rewarding and ironically “addicting” to know that you made a huge impact on someone’s recovery.

Customer Service Representative

A customer service representative works with people day in and day out.  As the customer contact representing a business, there hardly any time when you are not dealing with other people.

Because of this, a career as a customer service representative when you are not a fan of other humans can be a disastrous combination.  Depending on which line of work you’re serving as a customer service representative for, you can either have pretty easy customers or the exact opposite.

The more reputable your company is and the better products and service that they offer, the easier your job will be.


A hairdresser is unique because not only are you working with people all day but you are physically touching them and getting close to them physically.  It’s expected to make conversation with your clients and can be challenging if you’re not very chatty.

It can be extremely invigorating for people that love meeting a variety of people on a regular basis as you can get as many as dozens of clients in a single day.  If you love meeting new people this can be one of the most rewarding jobs in that arena.

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