Our lives are lived on computers these days and there is nothing wrong with using one or two fingers to do a search. However, imagine the benefits of typing with all your fingers. You can get your work done at a faster pace. Being in school, requires a lot of note taking and many students use their laptops to do so.

There are also those essays you are going to have to write during school and college. You can find document typing services if you need to retype something, but you need to learn this skill while still in school. Find a good course or simply practice as much as you can. There are many benefits to learning touch typing.


You can gain a lot of time when you know how to touch type. If you are typing documents or working on an article, you can do it a lot faster if you learn this skill. It also does not take that long for your muscle memory to kick in. Start by taking a typing test and see how many words you can write per minute. Practice your touch typing skills and then retest. You will be surprised by the amount of time saved.

Less Errors

It is true that one makes less errors when you touch type. Each finger is assigned to keys and it becomes effortless when typing. This also eliminates the amount of editing that is required. Your score in an essay will be effected by the amount of errors you make. Sometimes it can be something as small as a typo, which can be easily avoided.

Job Opportunities

When applying for a job in the times we are living, you might not hear a lot about typing skills. This is because it is assumed that you have already gained the necessary computer skills. If you do not have a good typing speed, your success on job applications can be affected. When typing a document online you can be tested on your accuracy and time. Practice this as often as possible to know that you are within the required speed.


In school, college and work, productivity is one of the main factors to success. Having the ability to get a lot more done in a short amount of time is going to help you attain your goals. Doing the same work in half of the time is going to free up more time to do other tasks.


If it is within your means, look for a good touch typing short course. This is a skill you will only have to learn to master once. Muscle memory is an amazing factor and if you practice often, you will have this skill forever. This is a small investment into your future and it pays greatly. You can also find a lot of great online typing programs to help track your speed and accuracy. Any money spent on a course, online or offline, is an investment into your future.