When it is all about art of performance, there is one Jaguar Greensboro NC that has plenty of it. It is the Jaguar XF, 2016.

The new Jaguar XF’s dynamic profile makes an immediate statement with eye-catching front wings, bonnets and air vents. The current model comes standard with a sporting front grille and front bumper designs adding to the overall appeal.


The new XF is most likely to make an assertive presence with slim, stylish HID Bi-function Xenon headlamps. You can even light up corners at night with headlamps that responsively bend the beam in the way of your steering with Adaptive Headlamps.

In addition to this, that latest model is available with LED daytime running lights in J Blade formation that most likely accentuates the visual signature glows in the LED technology of the rear-light clusters, combining stop and tail lights and indicators as well.

The XF safety and security is beyond any doubt, as observed by most of the experts at Jaguar Greensboro NC centers. The protective body-shell makes sure that you and your fellow occupants remain well protected at all times during driving. The new generation Jaguar XF uses quality steels all over the body to create vertical safety ring around the cabin.

Ergonomically optimized, Jaguar XF’s cabin is strategically designed to focus on driver and passenger needs and specifications. Once you step into the cabin, it seems you enter a new world decked with a choice of intelligent and responsive features crafted for greater luxury and comfort, and of course increasing driving pleasure.

According to most of the experts at reputed Jaguar service Greensboro centers, the latest model is actually a prototype of superior craftsmanship and Jaguar quality that lie at its heart. Moreover, you are allowed to create an ideal interior for your XF from a selection of color themes veneers and leathers across the range.

Jaguar XF’s cabin is all praised for its superior comfort, luxury and sporting credentials. The cockpits are available in bond grain or soft grain leather, offering you the ease and comfort of 18/18 way. Effortless electronic seat adjustment, heated and cooled front seats and other features are all seamlessly integrated to add the required dimension to this latest model.

The dark oak veneer is wellcrafted following the contemporary style and the stainless steel pedals offer the additional style to the vehicle which is further complimented by two memory exterior mirrors and steering column.

XF’s luxurious leather steering wheel compliments your driving position. As you sit down, you can easily operate it and move it neatly away as you get out. Further more, it also allows you to control the audio output – as well as the Touch-screen menus – offering access to change between radio stations or CD tracks or selections on an MP3 player or an i Pod. Behind the wheel are one touch paddles that allow you to manually shift the gear if required.

The new version comes with options that allow you to set different temperatures with dual zone climate control, including odor filtration, air particle, humidity control and automatic window demisting.

Overall, the new version looks impressive and beautiful. Get your car serviced at the nearby Jaguar repair Greensboro NC center and enjoy a great ride all the way.

Author Bio: Justin Carlos is a car enthusiast and has previous experience of working with some of the good names in the world of Jaguar XF. In his recent article, he is all praise for the new model Jaguar XF, 2016 in the block.