The fun of makeup can be enjoyed by using different methods while the female uses several dozen to few basic make up items such as lipstick, a foundation and other thing like eyebrow pencil. Tips to use the makeup item in a best possible way while having an eye shadows color application assisted by brushes may represent the moderate make up user while the tips will helps these moderate users in order to utilize these application in a best possible ways so come with us and follow some of our tips.

As per saying practice makes a man perfect while to be the master of attractive eye shadow makeup   a little bit practice is required with our steps you will easily learn the basics.

2 Gorgeous Makeup Ideas For Green Eyes

2 basic rules while applying eye shadow Ideas.


As naturally outside the eye ball is darker than inside so for natural look the outer corner of the eye should be shade by darker color.


For a natural makeup apply blur effect with line or border between the skin and eye shadow.

All the colors which you can find may be divided into 3 categories that is light, intermediate and dark while going with the following pattern you can apply them simultaneously.

  1. The light colors with a thickish tip or brushes will help you to brighten up your eyes so around the eyelids apply the bright color which will brighten up your eyes shadow Ideas.

When using an intermediate colors At the outer most corner apply more colors and to obscure the shades carefully blend the colors while when you are in search of a youth full look and at the same time apply a light dab color at the inner corner of the eyes remember the key that at the inner corner colors may not be saturated which will gives a gaudy look. While in the intermediate colors blending works from the eyes outer corner.

Now it’s time for dark colors at the upper and lower lash line apply the dark one remember that the outer corner should be colored more and light towards the inwards. Next apply the dark colors at the one third of the outer eyelid which will give you a larger eye look now you have to make sure at the front of the mirrors that when your eyes are open is your eye shadow is visible or not?You can use a soft dome brush for your crease and blending it outwards while the soft pencil will help you in applying close lash line eye shadow ideas which work for lower and upper lash line and in some difficult areas such as inner corners etc. In case when your upper eyelids leaks upon the lower lids so you can conceal it by applying intermediate colors towards the outside of your lower eyelids.

Final Verdict

While learning the basic and with a little bit practice you can make yourself a master of the eye shadow applications once you are adapted to it then you can compose innovative and attractive makeup and eye shadows Ideas effects by yourself.