Asides the use of white collar remedies and few other surgical procedures in curing several diseases and health conditions. Some natural plant materials often referred to as herbs can do better and in a short period of time, yield awesome results. Weather independently as natural herbs or as byproducts like the extracts. Herbal extracts in form of oil is known as natural essential oils and can be used to achieve the cure of several types of ailments.

Rosemary essential oil is an extract of a healing herb and is distinguished amongst hundreds of other amazing traditional essential healers. The tree of Rosemary is commended as a sacred tree by the ancient Greeks, Romans and to include the Egyptians. The potency of its extracts caused the Hebrews to refer the Rosmarinus Officinalis as one of the most aromatic herb to exist on planet “earth” with its oil, as efficacious as garcinia tree. In comparison with Lavender essential oils, not so much difference would be noticed, but research shows that Rosemary oils heal a wide range of external body complications and internal body complications as well.

Nutrition Profile

Rosemary has a broad spectrum of nutritional advantages, having an antioxidant ORAC value of 3,300, with exactly the same free radical fighting energy as can be compared to Goji berries. More so, the chemical in rosemary which is known to be responsible for this is called the Carnosol. It’s a phenolic diterpene that is also seen in the mountain desert places.

Adding up to the benefits as a rich antioxidant, carnosol is also recommended for its anti-cancer plus anti-inflammatory properties; these further helps one to understand the potency level of Rosemary.

Faster Hair Growth

The several causes of sluggish hair growth may not easily become a blockade if rosemary is in perfect usage and well optimised in a herbal mixture. Most especially in the hair pomades or when used as Raw essential oil.

When it is carefully massaged on the root of the hair targeting the scalp base, rosemary stimulates hair growth. Research and individual evaluations and findings has also proven that rosemary practically works against baldness of the hair, quick graying of the hair in adults, and other domestic hair problems. In children, hair conditions such as ring worms, dandruff and lice can be eradicated appropriately when rosemary is duly applied to the hair regularly.

In a recent research findings as quoted by Dr Axe, a famous American nutritionist and Medical Doctor. —After testing a hair lotion that he patented, Francesc Casadó Galcerá found that a mixture of hops, rosemary, and swertia and found some pretty remarkable results:

  • 22.4% spontaneous increase in hair growth speed.
  • Unquantifiable number of hair at required areas.
  • Rise in microcirculation of the scalp, thus promotes healing of the scalp.
  • Rapid improvement in the ability of the hair of abhor traction.
  • Drastic decrease in the number of hair losses.