Two of the strongest motivators among people are the desire to gain pleasure and to avoid pain. When we drag ourselves out of the bed in the morning, although we want to sleep one more hour, we are pushed by our motivation to work and gain our dreams. However, this could also because we want to avoid being trapped in the traffic on the highway and late for work. Getting yelled at by our bosses can be painful and we should be able to avoid it. We can relate it to the way we think about money. It should come down to our decision-making process and in the way we perceive the act of making money, it can be both to gain pleasure and to avoid pain. We should be aware that we spend our time looking for money based on our higher core values. We may want to look for money to avoid the pain of being insecure inside a rented house and gaining pleasure by buying a house for our family.

We should be able to gain pleasure in the pride of having a house and we can avoid the pain of living inside a house that’s not our own. People value freedom and their preferred lifestyle. However, some could have different opinion that owning house is a pain and they prefer renting their house to avoid having the 30-year commitment. They have the flexibility to move when they want and they can spend their money for other investment purposes that may allow them to gather enough down-payment to significantly reduce the monthly mortgage payments. Regardless of our goal, we should be able to eliminate the deeply entrenched mindset related to scarcity. Our earliest money belief is often inherited from our parents and significant guardians, especially during our formative years. However, as we mature, it is a good idea to rebel against these limiting behaviours. As adults, we should take full responsibility for our life and be accountable. Regardless of where they originated, we should consider whether we have proper money beliefs.

Before making a change, we should have a proper awareness. We may need to recognize a number of beliefs that we could adopt from our parents. It should be noted that some of these money beliefs could ruin our financial situation. If we want to be financially successful, it is important to create results that we want in life. The desire to create wealth isn’t equal to greed, because there are many opportunities to gain wealth without causing harm to anyone. In fact, large corporations are able to hire thousands of employees, distributing the wealth to many people and making economic environment more vibrant.

Whatever we do, it is important to let go of our limiting beliefs that may hold us back. Creating wealth requires a massive action and we need to educate ourselves. Many people are able to become both an employee and a business owner. In general, it is inadvisable to quit our job to gain financial independence, because it is an essential starting point.