15 Skills A Payroll Professional Should Have

All business people should know that efficient payroll can be the key to success in their company. Hiring a payroll specialist is the best solution, if you want to be sure that all the responsibilities in this field are attended to.

How can you choose the best payroll specialist for your business? What kind of skills and abilities should this person have? Well here are some of the most important things you should look for:

Communication Skills

A good payroll specialist must have great communication skills and be able to explain the workings of payroll to all the employees in the company. The person you hire for this job should be able to interact, with patience and courtesy, with all the other people in your organisation and also with the clients

Mathematical skills

A good payroll specialist should possess a great ability to understand and work with numbers. Mathematical skills, numeracy are a must in this job.


As changes that affect the way your business delivers payroll, can happen quickly, the specialist who will work in this field must be able to adapt to new rules anytime needed. So, when choosing your payroll professional, make sure you choose a person with great adaptability skills.

Analytical abilities

A good payroll specialist must be able to analyze problems and opportunities quickly anytime something unpredictable happens. Make sure the person you choose to work for you have great analytical skills.


A specialist in this field must have a very good knowledge of the rules and regulations affecting payroll in the region they work, in order to avoid penalties

Respecting deadlines

The person you hire for this job should possess the ability to work with very strict deadlines.

Respecting Confidentiality

Your payroll specialist must also be a person who is able to respect confidentiality as he will have access to very important data.

A person you can count on

The specialist you want to hire for this job should certainly be a really trustful person and someone you can rely on, as your reputation can depend on them. So, reliability is also essential.

Administrative and clerical skills

The best person for this kind of job must also be a versatile administrator with great clerical skills to be able to fulfill all their daily responsibilities and tasks.


A professional payroll specialist must be a person with a lot of initiative in all areas, in order to make the payroll process as efficient as possible. They must come with the best solutions to all the problems, always have new ideas that can improve the system they work in.

Good knowledge of the industry-leading software

As modern payroll uses special software like QuickBooks or Sage, the specialist you hire must be proficient in this industry-leading software. They should also have very good knowledge of Office and other standard platforms.

Accreditation and Qualifications

Before you hire a payroll specialist ask for some qualifications, accreditation or math-related courses (secondary or university-level). You can also ask for credentials from established institutions, (the Chartered Institute of Payroll Professionals or the American Payroll Association).

Previous Experience

Experience in a large company is also an essential criteria when choosing the best payroll specialist for your organization.

Leadership Vocation

Choose for this job a person who is able to lead and coordinate a team. Usually a payroll specialist will work with other employees, will have to advice the HR staff and talk to the company leaders. For then they must be confident people with leadership vocation.

These are the most important skills that a payroll specialist must have. Now it is time for you to start looking for the perfect person for this job from a recruitment agency. Good luck!

Florin is an Online Marketing expert and blogger who likes to research the latest trends in business, technology and marketing and writes about a range of topics.

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